Wednesday, December 30, 2009

sisters {rock}

Whitty and I had a bit o' fun at the Home Depot. For Dave's anniversary
present, I got him... a.k.a. more "us" than him-because I'm the family documenter,
a Flip video camera. We seriously do not have barely ANY footage of our family...
for the past two years. Maybe because of our dino age camcorder? Or maybe because
of me starting a biz? I'd like to blame it on the cam but really, it's not that old...
Just inconvenient to charge and then make sure I have tape and then, "Oh crap! We
don't have any tape!!! What can we record over?" Then that leads to a big mess on the
floor where we're digging to get to old Thirty9 (the band that we used to be in) footage.

It's just way easier to stuff this thing into my computer and BAM! There it is...ready to be
transported to my external drive :) It will be SO nice to just move these bad boy
video files to a DVD and mail them to the Mamma's. Or even create our own little
Youtube Fam channel even! It's flippin' Fantabulous!!!

OK. So I was super proud of myself for piecing a little vid together of my sis and I...
bein' crazy as usual..

Yes, we're wearing the same jacket. Mom decided to dress us alike again..haha J/K!
I bought her the jacket as a gift and I already had one...we accidentally left
the house wearing the same thing. HAHAHA....told ya we were crazy :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I love you {baby}

Happy Anniversary!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

YAY for Christmas!!!

I LOVE Christmas!!!

I get so stoked about the decorating, the fun traditions I have started with my family, and just the celebration of Jesus' birthday :) Seriously, I could listen to Christmas music all year long. My husband and I have been battling the playlists because he has to hear Christmas music all day long at work. I'm all like...Bah Humbug to you Mr. Scrooge ;)

So I have my sister and her husband in town and tomorrow night my mom flies in! EEEEEEK! I'm SO excited! It has been awesome having my folks here together...surreal even. I took the two love birds out for the fastest shoot I think I have ever done. I would have gone longer...BUT...we had to beg him to do it in the first place so when he was done I didn't push it. It's supposed to be fun anyway right???

I wanted to post a teaser of what we did today and also some pics of my house decorated for Christmas! Look at my knock-out sis and her awkward feeling hubby..hahaha!
You know I love ya Cam :)


I decided to do a fun red black and silver tree this year for the main tree. Main tree you ask???Yes, I kind of have a Christmas tree addiction...


Our very first Christmas ornament as a hitched couple :)


It's so much fun to have my kids doing all the fun crafty things for Christmas. I'm getting so many wonderful ornaments hand made with love. I made these stockings for the boys a while back...they are replicas of a stocking my Aunt had made for me many many moons ago...when I was a wee baby...


If you walk in the foyer, you will be greeted by a sweet little purple, pink and gold
vintage tree...



This is the tree that I dolled up for the guest the green, black and blue...sounds so horribly violent for a Christmas tree but I think it's pretty :)



What fun traditions does your family have for Christmas?

Monday, December 21, 2009

It's alive!!!!


YAY! I am so excited about launching my new website! If you've noticed I have been kind of non-existent to my blog, it's because A number 1. I have been madly cleaning my house for my family who starts to get in tomorrow :)

And also because I have been workin' my now, not-so-large, derrière on this baby. I've poured everything of me into it so I really hope everyone will take a peak and let me know whatcha think. I finally took pictures of my trees so I'm hopin' to get those on here BEFORE Christmas. Can't wait to see my's been almost 6 years since we have had a Christmas much fun!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Poor Kitty

I don't know how many of ya'll check out my facebook, but we just recently adopted a 6 year old Mastiff. Makayla's family had abandoned her. Yeah...that's what I was thinkin'...Who flippin' moves and just leaves their dog in the front yard?!?!?! This sweet dog was just waiting in the front yard for her family to get home and they never returned. It's ok...I totally started cryin' when I heard this too. She started wandering the neighborhood and this older lady took the pooch in. This lady had severe MS and knew she couldn't keep Makayla long term. She knew a guy who was somehow involved with the AKC and called him. He really didn't want to turn her into the pound as HE wanted to screen who Makayla went to. He used his own resources to board Makayla at a pet resort.

This is where I come in. Long story short, we were worthy of owning her and we adopted her. She was a little bit aggressive with Sam...but I just think that it's because Sam is so "IN YO FACE!!!!" kind of a dog. After a week, her and Sam were best buds. She is such a sweetheart and I have never seen her show any aggression towards the kids. My munchkins were told to not get near Makayla unless we were around though. Anyway, back to what happened...we were told that Makayla (BTW-we named her that because it went so well with Sam...for all you Transformers fans out there :) was good with cats. My cat is ESPECIALLY trusting with Sam. If he goes to smell her tiny head (compared to his) then she will head butt him in affection. So, my little kitty was starting to get trusting with Makayla and last Tuesday, I had to take my cat to the Emergency Vet.

I didn't see what happened but I heard. I knew Sophie was sitting in her normal spot under our counter top height table and Makayla was near her. Perhaps just staring? Sniffing? I don't really know. But all I heard was a bark and a cat squeal-ish thing...never have heard that in my life...and then Sophie was a huge poofy thing and went running up the stairs. Makayla bit her head and there was a deep puncture in her left cheek and another bite mark above her right eye. I was concerned that her skull was fractured or something so I took her in just to be safe. Ended up that there were no fractures and she will be fine but is in a bit of pain.

SO...all THAT to say, we have to find a new home for Makayla. I am so torn up about it because she is such a sweetie, and she just got a family who loves her, but Sophie was here first and I can't trust Makayla now inside with the cat. I don't want Makayla to be an outside dog. This is so hard for us. I can't turn her in to the shelter either or they will black list us from adopting...the officer said that unfortunately, it isn't a case by case basis. So I have to find a home for Miss Makayla on my that doesn't have little critters she could get too excited for and I would say preferably with older kids. I've put up an ad on Craigslist and we are going to carefully screen anyone who inquires about her. If you know anyone, they can see her pictures here.

Here is my kitty...many apologies for no make-up and crazy was a rough night...


In lighter, more exciting news, you may have noticed the new look? Well, I'm super excited about a little surprise I've been keeping...."Hmwhoooowah HAHAHA"...that was an evil laugh ;)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dustin&Suzie {plus sweet munchkins}

When Suzie called me up for some pictures, I new right then, what a sweet hearted person I had encountered! They all were so amazing to put up with the windy weather too. This is the same session that we took the crazy cape pictures...I was relieved that Suzie said Dave and I were quite entertaining to watch. I'm so glad I can have fun with what I do!

Oh my word...and the baby!!!! This baby was AMAZING! She was so patient with me as I bundled her up...It's babies like her that tempt me into having more kids ;)

This family pulled my heart strings in a big way and I'm so thankful they let me peek into their lives and capture their fabulousness. Thanks guys for the fun time and laughs!!!


Look at that sweet yawn...



Is it creepy that I want this picture on my wall???


I'm still sayin' it are a hot way ;)