Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I believe in destiny. I believe there is a grand plan. I believe that each person has something wonderful that they were born to do. I believe that people are put into our lives by divine appointment.


I enter a contest hosted by MeRa Koh about 2 years-ish ago.

I win said contest.

Reader of Me Ra Koh's blog, see's the winners.

Said reader writes email to me congratulating me on winning.

Said reader is Lora Ayers from peachy Georgia.

Heeeeeyyy... I'm from GA!

I call Lora to thank her for her kind email and talk about none other than....yup...photography.

Lora and I clicked right away.

Lora and I were like PB&J, Mac & Cheese, Spaghetti and Meatballs...

Um...I'm hungry...

Lora and I basically become super close peeps.

Lora tells me that she's moving to Texas.

YAY! She will be closer.

I find out I'm moving to San Antonio.......TEXAS!

*EEEEEEEEEP* *SCREAM* *Flail arms like a fat bird tryin' to fly*

I believe in destiny.

I finally got to meet my sweet peachy friend a few weeks ago and my dream of having her in front of my camera came to fruition. It was surreal. We each drove half way meeting in the friendly town of Temple, Texas.

I was nervous. I was exited. I was seriously "pit-ing out" my cute outfit.

There she was!!! My stomach fluttered and I kind of attacked her in the middle of Chick-fil-A.

OH! EM! GEE! It was LORA!!!!!

I told her it was like 3D ichat. We picked up right where we left off from our last phone conversation...with the addition of inserting every 10 minutes,

It. Was. Awesome.

So...with 5 kiddos, 102 degree weather and giggles comparable to 7 year old girls, I was able to do a quick shoot with my Lora. And it was SO much stinkin' fun! Lora is just as gorgeous in person as she is over the phone. I am so blessed to have her in my life.

Thank you Lora for the fun day filled with laughs, peach avalanches and melty popsicles :) You're the bestest!!!