Monday, May 24, 2010

{We'Re hErE!!!!}

loading and packing last minute stuff, 38 hours NON-stop drivin', and a few days of rest has allowed me to write YA'LL and say..I MADE IT! I made it safely to San Antonio with two 26ft trucks (one pulling a trailer with our monster truck on it) and the Jeep with ALL the critters. Now, we're waiting to close on our new home :) More details to follow...aka movie maybe???

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

cOuNtInG {down}

...the days until I can sink my teeth into one of these...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

PrOpS {to a photog peep}

I've decided that it's high time for me to stop hoardin' all these awesome photographers to myself that I find through the wonderful world wide web. It's time to share the love! When I find out that someone has honored me with a link back to my seriously makes me HUGE. The "you can't see Ali's eyes anymore because her cheeks are hidin' them" huge. Sooooo...I figure, not only would it be great to feature some photogs that I think are rockin' it in their areas, for eye candies sake...but to also ask some questions that may help us photographers. Fun eh??? So I've never done this before...please bear with me as I get better with the questions and whatnot...

So, if you're a photographer and you stop by my blog...
caution: no one's safe ;) You could be then next on Ali's love list :)

Without further adieu, my first photog friend, Brittney, is from none other than...yup... Texas! She's hitched, she's a graphic design guru and she has a super cute puppy named Toby! I asked some questions and this is what she had to say ENJOY! :)

If you could be any little Debbie pastry, what would it be?
I would be a star crunch :) yum!
What crazy things have you had to do for a kids session?
Ha, I actually just did this the other day! When I want kids to look at the camera, I ask them what their favorite animal is. The other day the little boy said "dinosaur!!!" ha... So I told him that a dinosaur lived in my camera... He said "nu uh!" so I told him he needed to look really really close to see him. So that got him to look, then I said "give him a smile cause he's smiling at you!!!" man did he and his brother and sister start smiling... Then they totallly went with it and started saying all kinds of things were in my camera :)
What got ya into this adventure of photography?
I actually took film photography in high school and was hooked. We developed our own film and prints in a darkroom. Too fun! I went away to college and pursued graphic design but I always loved photography and wanted to pursue it. I finally bought a camera and started doing our neighbor's senior portraits. It just went off from there. My graphic design knowledge has helped me so much in photography.
What would you say is your FAVE lens?
Definitely the 85mm 1.8... So pretty :)
You can visit her blog and see what's happenin' in Brittney world!!! :)