Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ali 2.0

Weight had really never been an issue with me...that is of course until I carried two little - NAY - over-average sized munchkins in my tummy. I guess I thought I could just get away with eating potato ole's every single day with the first one...and Mocha Moo-lates every single day with the second. Seeing as they are 14 months apart, one can easily understand how I had a good 60 pounds of weight added to my once small frame.

But it didn't stop after the pregnancies. I now had TWO babies to care for, no time for myself and the only thing that I could run to and instantly feel good about was food. Cookies in particular. I think when peeps think of me, it wouldn't be too far fetched for them to say...."Oh yeah! I know Ali...the cookie monster..." Ask most my friends and they can tell you I almost always had a batch of homemade cookies in the oven when they would come over. In fact I think some of my friends were probably a bit upset when they were a pound or two more on the me making the delicious warm gooey wonderful treats. Ok I'm really salivating now...


Anyhoo, I had tried, on my own, to eat better...and I did lose a few pounds but nothing to write Oprah about. I then started workin' out. I love to run! It was so hard though running when I was so heavy...but I worked out nonetheless and a couple more pounds came off. I was getting very frustrated with not seeing the results I wanted after going at it pretty consistently for 4 years...and that's when I learned about Go Figure.

I started in August and to date have lost just around 50 pounds. It was tough but I HAD to do something about my bad eating habits. I pretty much kicked my metabolism back in gear and changed the way I felt about food. I will eat to live and not live to eat.

I also feel like I have grown so much inside as much as I have changed on the outside. That is what truly matters anyway. I have seriously tried to do a makeover on my heart just as much as my body. I really hope that this post isn't sounding vain to folks. That's not my intention...I just feel so good and feel like I've worked very hard to achieve this goal I have had for over 4 years. I figured I would just share with you the success I have had.

My young padawan Matt Ehnes took me out to do some "after" pictures. I seriously had about 45 minutes of daylight left and was rushing to get my mask on. It was really weird being in front of the camera and actually feeling good about myself. I think I kind of worked it ;) So, with Matt's permission I thought it would be cool to show ya'll some before and after pics...because:

a. number 1. Dave and I were looking at older pictures of me and I was all like, "WOAH!"


C. I have this guilty pleasure of enjoying those types of pics. Whether it be for some kind of face cream or hair's just cool that there's an instant result right there...does anybody else feel that way???

So here I am...Ali and Ali 2.0 ;)

p.s. there was no help from photoshop to get me to look this small and big for that matter
scout's honor



I was having OODLES of fun spicin' up the dance floor at a wedding in this next image...s'rsly...


And here's one more from Mr. Matt...Cuz I can't resist...


Friday, November 27, 2009

Ling-Stowers {fam}

Did anyone else drift away into a food coma yesterday?!?! I think I had turkey 'roids' on my brain too much yesterday because I was tired before I even ate one oz. of the injected poultry. Weird...

Anyhoo, last year I had the opportunity to donate to a couple of auction fundraisers and for one of the auctions, this sweet family outbid the rest! They wanted to stay on their property for this session which was SO much fun because they had miniature donkeys, guinea hens, and turkeys that I could "talk" to. I know I'm weird. Be what it may, but I actually enjoy it when I can get a bird to gobble back at me...

...maybe I was subconsciencly trying to warn them of their popularity
associated with the upcoming holiday???

The afternoon light was beautiful!!! We romped around letting the kiddos play. Their dog was SO well behaved that I had to get a shot of him...I think I really confused him though because he kept looking back at his he was asking mom and dad permission...making sure it was ok to listen to this crazy woman ;)





Dave snagged this shot...
Warmth of the wheat + sweet innocent eyes = ali's heart strings tugged


Monday, November 23, 2009

RaD flowers for RaD brides

My friend Corrie mentioned to me awhile ago that she was thinking about starting a flower business. And if anyone has ever talked to me, you know that I was quick to jump on that bandwagon. In a nutshell:

I love encouraging people to follow their dreams.

I LOVE helping folks with their businesses.

I love finding the unique brand that each person has.

SO...after a wedding she was able to keep the bouquet of the bride so I could snag some shots for her. I knew Corrie was amazingly creative...but I seriously did not realize just how genius she is with flowers! I have never seen a bouquet like this in Great Falls!

If you are a future bride that oozes style and just plain awesomeness, then I'd encourage you to shoot her a message. Not only are her arrangements beautiful, but her heart too. She is so sweet and truly adopts the vision of each bride's day. She creates unique and gorgeous arrangements that do not distract from the bride's beauty, but compliment her in every way!





Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm a good "guy"

While on an amazingly fun shoot yesterday, I asked my hubby to hold this red backdrop I had to block a bit of was flapping so stinkin' hard...flippin' HiLARious to see Dave try to get that thing under control!!!! We managed to get some good shots even with the crazy mast in the air...and then he proceeded to tie the "cape" like backdrop to his neck. I then was reminded of that commercial I triple heart...the super pages commercial! So funny!!!! I laugh big fat belly laughs every time I see the end. SO...I was all like

"DAVE! DAVE! I wanna picture with the cape! Because I'm a 'good guy!'"

It's so ironic to me that the same day we were remembering this commercial, I had a run in with a not-so-wonderful situation that is still haunting me almost a year later.

*Cue Alanis Morissette*

I have been extremely blessed to have some of the most amazing clients in the entire universe! After the visit yesterday from "the spirit of nightmares past," I was tempted, and almost caved in, to insecurity, self-pity and a very. VERY. Bad attitude.

Instead, I have chosen to accept this as a gift:
A fresh gratitude to all my wonderful clients who love and appreciate my work...
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! a Bajillion times over!!!

Love, me



And for your viewing pleasure, here is one of my fave commercials...I give major kudos to the genius ad peeps who thought this up :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Michelle {just because she's fabulous}

The church choir was practicing for the Christmas Program. I remember the first time I saw her...I was like, "WOW! She's HOT!" Great hair. Great lips. Great eyes. She had THE best posture I had seen. EVER. She carried herself so confidently and I found myself having a hard time not staring.

She set the music neatly in front of the pianist. He started to play and then.....I realized that my mouth was gaping open! Out of her mouth flowed the most BEAUTIFUL voice! She was an opera singer....and as she hit the high notes of a mezzo soprano to "O Holy Night," I had bumps on my arms so big, someone could have mistaken my skin for a newly plucked turkeys. YES. She was that stinkin' good!

She went back to Switzerland to finish her contract at the Opera House there and felt she needed to come back to Great Falls. I had an amazing time with her daughter on this shoot! Aside from her singing engagements, Michelle is also an amazing pilates instructor! I have been going to her for some time now and my WORD! There are times where I seriously have to roll out of bed due to crazy sore abdominals. I love pilates thanks to Michelle. I have never had a trainer help me understand the connections my body needs to make. I feel so awesome after a session.

So, anyhoo, Michelle has been needing some new head shots to update her promotional stuff for her singing. We finally made it happen and decided to do the shoot at her house because:

1: It was a bit chilly outside
2: I absolutely LOVED the light
3: She has great taste for home decor

OK. I have to say it again. The light was AMAZING in her living room!!! I just love love love love loved it!

So here she is, Michelle, in all her fabulousness!!!

I don't know what it is....but I have a thing for these lay down, take 'em from the top angles now





Sunday, November 8, 2009

Alysha {senior}

Busy gettin' all my client's orders in and galleries up....yup, that's where I have been. So much for that kick in the rear...

I've got a super sweet session to post today! Alysha braved the cold temps and Montana flippin' colder winds. We kept our cars running and the heat blasting. Lots of "warm up" breaks were needed. You know it's really cold, when ya can barely move the dials on your camera because you can't feel your fingers...

She did fantastic through it all! Thanks ya'll for toughin' it with was TOTALLY worth it!



Workin' the wind :)


This shot reminds me of a ROXY ad or something