Saturday, February 21, 2009

Smith Family

This is one of the MANY things I've been up to lately...


Yes...those are my computer's privates...after getting all my new goodies I discovered that my firewire port wasn't, I had an AWESOME technician come to the house for on site service...whoop whoop! Isn't Apple great?!?!? So I was down for a couple days and itching to get back to work on some fun new ventures I've had up my sleeve ;)

But I really wanted to give my fabulous family of 5 their previews to an amazing session! This fam won my heart from April's warm hug greeting to Jackson's "Froggy." Wesson, the adorable pooch came along too:)

I went a little overboard but who wouldn't? With such a beautiful family can you blame me??? I HAD to post this one because it makes me smile ear to ear...I was telling dad and mom to give each other a kiss and kidding, like I always do, I said, "Show me how babies are made..." This was their reaction :) Too funny!!!



Jackson was getting cold so they raced each other to get warmed up again...Wesson won :)


Look at those baby blues!!!


I swear I'm not mean...but I still think he's SO stinkin' adorable!


IMG_5621_p© are stunning!


Look out...he's a cutie!


Sydney is my kind of girl! She was having a blast bein' a monkey and climbing on the tires...even when she fell in one, she didn't stop laughing...neither did I!




A good family snuggle...



Thank you sweet family for the fun times! I am truly blessed to have met ya'll :) I also want to give a shout out and say thanks to Wendy of Happy Jack Hats for her amazing work and patience with my crazy requests...This girl is super talented!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Love, Valentines and Poles

NO....not those kinds of poles...light poles.  In the middle of shooting my very own and first wedding yesterday, my car slid out of control and I ran into a light pole right outside the entrance of the church.  Some tears and a little whiplash later, I moved on and finished the wedding.  Really sore this morning but my friend Motrin has helped me greatly today.  I hope ya'll had a great Valentine's Day!  I had so much fun shooting with David...I didn't kill him like I thought I would.  I was so crazy thinking about what I was doing I didn't have time to see what he was up to.  He got some great shots and it was just downright fun having him there to support me.  So to torture everyone I have just one image to share from yesterdays events...found a killer inside location that was PERFECT for this bride...her colors were blue and green :)


Monday, February 9, 2009

Great Falls Next Top Model

YES!  We have the awesome opportunity to send someone from our town to the "Next Top Model"...and there would be nothing more to make me even mint brownies...then to see this girl reach the top...

I have known Rebecca Hager for a couple years.  She one of the sweetest girls I know...I have never heard anything negative about another person come out of her mouth.  She's seriously as beautiful inside as she is on the outside.  Here's another fact about Rebecca...she flippin' hiked...26 miles while 8 1/2 months pregnant!!!!  No joke!  

She is on the list of ladies in the polls to go to the "Next Top Model" show.  Let's send some love her way.  Believe me...she truly deserves this and it doesn't hurt that she's HOT.

It will take as much time (probably less) as it does waiting in the Starbucks drive thru...I promise.  Just click here...register...and seek my sistah out.  Right now she's in tell everyone you know :)  

Rebecca...You are so gorgeous, your spirit radiates Jesus and when you enter a room people can't help but be happy...I love you!!!

I got permission to post one of Rebecca's facebook pics on my blog.  So you could see how truly beautiful she is Rebecca with her hubby Donnie...I'm a bit partial to this picture because I triple heart this dress!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mud, slippers and Miss Thang

Meet Gracie...she is my little joke...this kid could make it big.  I have really wanted to try out some things that have been rollin' around in my crazy head.  One down...3,418 to go.  So I stole Gracie for about an hour and we just had a rip roarin' time!  First there was me losing my shoe in the thick mud...then me running so fast that I lost both my shoes.  Then people staring at us most likely thinking, "why is this pretty girl in a poofy tu tu next to THAT?!?!"  Between potty breaks and warming up times, she did SO good!  Thank you Gracie for letting me dress you up.  I don't have a little girl of my own to take pictures of.  Thanks Ann for letting me steal your daughter...some behind the scenes footage should be my next post ;)




blog 1





Tuesday, February 3, 2009

sneak peak_Gracie

Remember the project I talked about?  Well, here she is...the beautiful ballerina Gracie debuting the awesome chair!  I had SO much fun was a sweet reminder of why I love what I do...folks who trust me with my crazy antics and me runnin' around everywhere having fun...more to come latah:


Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Sophie & my new/old red chair!!!

I have been looking for THE chair for almost a year.  I have wanted something old and vintage-y yet bright and happy to lug around with me for certain sessions...I was on a budget for this perfect chair and always couldn't get one I wanted because they were over 200 dollars...because they were in nice shape and all.  I could get one for about $150 but then my kids would have springs pokin' their bums.  Anyhoo, I saw this new antique/second hand shop while location scouting called "The Barn" and decided to pop in.  There are so many fun treasures in that store!  But the most exciting thing about my day I found it.  THE chair...and I got it for a deal too!!!  So, here's my pretty kitty Sophie sitting on her throne.  


And to add some Ali funk, I edited it with a cool worn texture.  Dontcha just love layers???

PS.  I probably should've edited her eye boogers out...oh's 1:41 am...practically sleep editing :)