Saturday, September 18, 2010

{aDaMs FaMiLy}

You will probably remember Jolena from an earlier post. I had taken her out for some pics because what mom EVER gets some fun profile pictures of herself...anyhoo, before I left Montana I was able to spend about an hour with the whole fam...capturing their huge hearts for each other...

This family is one that inspires me. They are full of adventure and the love that explodes from each one of them is simply wonderful! The kids are pure, sweet and silly.

Heath and Jolena are still madly in love with each other. I love how their munchkins are confident and there's a feeling of safety as mommy and daddy are completely in their "love bubble." So awesome!

I could go on and on about how much I absolutely heart this family...since a "picture says a thousand words," I'll just let the images do the talking :)



Lovin' on "Sissy"


I just couldn't resist posting this image...


...because it makes this next image that much better :)


...wonder where they get that silly streak from???...



The Love Bubble




Monday, September 13, 2010

PrOpS DaY!

.Pretty. .Rad. & .Outstanding. .Photographer.

Am I allowed to make up my own acronym? Is that legal?

I am SO excited to feature another photographer on the bloggie today! This photog is someone who has a style that is way cool!!!

Connie B from connie b photography is not only is drop dead gorgeous herself, but she produces images that...well..."me look at long time." I drool over the color in her's stinkin' amazing! Through her blog, one can truly see her heart and her passion for what she does...

I LOVE the way she sees people: Beautiful. Pure. Fun.

I love the way she summons such yummy color in her shots!

I love that she keeps her priorities in order...
Her family is precious to her and it is inspiring to me.

Thank you so much Connie B for your willingness to be on the truly is an honor!

What was it that inspired you to start your own business?

I've always been an entrepreneur in that I like to look for ways to make extra money. That was my initial thought when starting this- why not make money doing something fun!? But really, in 2006 I wanted to be a photography minor in addition to my major but I never did because I ran off and got engaged. I've always loved photography so one day, sitting bored in my apartment I decided it was time to be more serious about it. A month after that, after taking pictures of my friends, they called me saying the printers needed written proof from me so they could print their pictures. That was just the kick in the pants I needed- I figured if people were noticing some talent (with a crappy point and shoot mind you) I needed to start investing some money for nice gear so I could really learn what photography is all about.

Where do you continue to get your inspiration from?

The world around me! Sounds cheesy but it's true- Whenever I'm out driving I find myself saying "that'd be an awesome location" or I daydream about fun photo shoots I'd like to do. If it weren't for my clients too- and the wonderful feedback I get from them and people around me, it might not be as easy to continue working my butt off. So, I really do have to give a lot of the credit to my nice clients, friends and family for all their support.

Do you have a fave piece of equipment that you use for most shoots?

I will always bring my 85mm f1/8 to a shoot. I love it- seriously changed the way I feel about photography. I actually shot a lot on the standard lens when I first got started (mostly because I didn't know any better and didn't have piles of cash stacked up in my spare bedroom) and I will NEVER do that again- great fast lenses make a world of difference!

Have you ever had something hysterical happen during one of your shoots? Would ya mind sharin'?

I wear the wrong shoes to every.shoot. So I always go home injured in some way. That's not really hysterical though- I think better than that would be the few times someone came up to me, in the middle of a shot, and asked if I wanted to get in the picture and they would take it. Wha? ...I've decided it's because I'm young(er). Although, I still can't believe that has happened more than once- do they not see this ginormous camera and all my equipment!? Sure makes a girl feel un-legit. (;

If you sit down and talk for an hour with ANY person in the whole wide world...who would it be?

Hmmm. That's hard.. I would actually have to say the president of my church, Thomas S. Monson. He's just such an incredible, strong, spiritual guy and I would love to learn some things from him, one on one.

I asked Connie B if she wouldn't mind sharing some of her Suh-Weeeet images with us and so here are some images for your viewing pleasure...if you love Connie B just as much as I do, leave her some love :)

Which image is YOUR fave?





I think this next one is my fave...I LOVE how she used a wide aperture to make the berries on the trees in the foreground just right :)