Monday, February 8, 2010

who gave this kid the mouse??? {what?!?!}

So for whatever random reason I was looking through my old pictures...I reminisce I guess. That's what this whole picture thing is about right? I stumbled upon some images of my son. Now...I don't remember taking these and I especially don't remember taking over 50 "gangstah-ish" pictures of him. Ok...there's my chair and my printer in the background...

*GASP* He's in front of my computer!!!!

Anyway...I must have left Photobooth open. I'm not even gonna probably take some silly pictures of myself or make my own dance video to "Forever" by Chris Brown that will probably embarrass me later. little sponge, seein' mommy, knew he had the power to take his own pictures of himself...I was probably on the phone or something while he did this.


Here's my son...I don't know what was going on in his head while he was doing this but I just think it's too flippin' FUNNY!!!!

My son+hat (worn in a crazy way)+"gangstah-ish" poses =

lots of laughs for mom :)


Friday, February 5, 2010

CoWs {artsy fartsy}

I was on this hilarious, fun and quirky photogs website the other day. I heart this woman SO stinkin' much! Whenever I'm at the computer and my obnoxious laugh rumbles through the husband knows I'm probably reading her blog :) Anyhoo, I remember how much I LOVE all her cow pictures and remembered that I had snagged a shot of a cow when we went camping this last summer. I have been waiting for the perfect image to make a ginormous metal print of...wanna hang it on my wall going into the kitchen...oh gosh! Now that I think about it maybe that wouldn't be the best place to hang it...poor Hank.

Anyway...I think I've found it. I want it BIG. I know I won't regret getting this even if we do move. And I can hang it somewhere other than the kitchen in my next house right?

Who wouldn't want a Montana cow starring at them with that look... know, that sweet "Huh?" look...


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

c'mon phil {more winter}

I know I should be used to this by now, but really...I'm not sure if I can stand 6 more weeks of winter. Actually, 6 weeks in other parts of the nation computes to like 3 months in Montana. Seriously! Phil, couldn't you just have ignored that little blob on the ground that followed you around? Couldn't you have just said a little white lie?


It wouldn't be so sad if I were Texas...

Yup. My husband and I are not 110% sure yet, but we feel a huge pull in our hearts to move to Texas and help his Uncle's church down there. My hubby approached me about this desire last October. And I was all like, "HECK NO!!!!" I bursted that bubble real quick! I ranted on, "Are you serious! I absolutely have the perfect house, I absolutely LOVE my friends here and to top it off, my biz is so fruitful now! God would have to give me a lightning bolt from the sky with a written message telling me to go before I would even consider it!!!"

It's funny how the desire that was placed in my heart about a month ago was bigger than a physical lightning bolt. I don't know why...but's it's there. Deep down. My mind is screaming "I don't wanna!" but my heart is saying something different. My mind is screaming, "I'm scared!" but my God is saying, "I will take care of you." My mind is screaming, "But but but what about my business?" my heart is saying, "seek FIRST....and ALL these things will be added."

I'm just keepin' it real now...It's hard to hear your heart when your head is screaming. So, I'm learning to tell my mind to SHUT IT and learning instead to listen to that still small voice. It's a process and that's why this decision is not a for sure. Lots of things are up in the air...and it's very frustrating. Believe me. To not know. But I am confident that if I can be still. wait. I will know in time. In His perfect time.

So, there ya have it...I've been missing from my blog and the world it seems because I am doing just that. Being still for the moment. I just figured I would ask ya'll to keep us in your prayers. That God's good and perfect will would happen in our lives. This is a huge decision to up and move my family to a place I've never give up everything I have grown to love here in Montana and leave for a new adventure. It's difficult when God asks us to get uncomfortable for Him...but I know He loves me and I'm at peace knowing that now.

I don't wanna leave all somber because I'm not...I have so much joy right now! In fact, here's a fun touch card I designed for the church down there. How cool is it to have a church card that is fun, thought provoking and catches folks I'll leave ya with this.