Monday, February 8, 2010

who gave this kid the mouse??? {what?!?!}

So for whatever random reason I was looking through my old pictures...I reminisce I guess. That's what this whole picture thing is about right? I stumbled upon some images of my son. Now...I don't remember taking these and I especially don't remember taking over 50 "gangstah-ish" pictures of him. Ok...there's my chair and my printer in the background...

*GASP* He's in front of my computer!!!!

Anyway...I must have left Photobooth open. I'm not even gonna probably take some silly pictures of myself or make my own dance video to "Forever" by Chris Brown that will probably embarrass me later. little sponge, seein' mommy, knew he had the power to take his own pictures of himself...I was probably on the phone or something while he did this.


Here's my son...I don't know what was going on in his head while he was doing this but I just think it's too flippin' FUNNY!!!!

My son+hat (worn in a crazy way)+"gangstah-ish" poses =

lots of laughs for mom :)


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  1. i love my grandson's, parker looks like he was in the picture also, just the top of his head, you are blessed, so very blessed, these boys are absolutely fantastic, wonderful children, i love them dearly....omi