Monday, January 25, 2010

He caught up....

...with my age ;) My stud muffin is 27 today!!! I know that my last post was many moons ago. There is a reason. And I will officially announce that reason here in the near future...but until then...

Sometimes I wonder how I ended up with such an AMAZING man of God who is so much in love with me and also happens to be the yummiest piece of eye candy there is ;)

Happy Birthday David!!!



Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy "BIRD" Day

My sweet Ashton is 6 today! Here goes the cliche Mamma in me....I just can't resist:

"It's seems like yesterday...."

...for real though. This little face was staring at me.


He was about 14 months in that crazy right? Hard to believe that my smart first born is half way through kindergarten, sounding out words and reading. I was so sad that our spontaneous trip happened during his birthday. BUT, we had so much fun making some fun cupcakes for his classmates on Thursday night. Ashton wanted a "Nemo" birthday. I think it's so stinkin' cute that he still loves the Pixar fishy! He gets to wear the birthday crown all day on Friday and give these cute cupcakes to his friends. He was SO excited about it :) We will be back tomorrow to top off his birthday celebration. But I miss him now. I love my munchkins!

Ali land is so much happier with Ashton in it...I love you Mr. Face!!!

I'm just a teeny bit proud of these...thought 'em up all by myself :)
Little kids love things like cheese and icing right?


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

God Bless Texas

Ya'll remember that song.....WAY back when? Speaking of WAY fun is posting an old retro picture of yourself on facebook? I absolutely LOVE seein' everyone at their awkward stage. Hold on...oh...what? That's just me??? No one else had an awkward stage? Yeah, I guess you're right.

Anyhoo, my hubby and I are leaving for San Antonio, TX on Friday morning. I really hope ya'll pray for me b/c after my near death plane experience last year, I really. REALLY. Don't like to fly. We're really excited to see his family and visit the new church Dave's Uncle has planted there.

So, I don't wanna offend anyone...because Lawd knows I had THE. BIGGEST. HAIR. when I was little. BUT...for poops and giggles I thought I would go "way back" (yes...a real poloriod) with my big haired honor of Texas ;)


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

dEaR planner,


I know I'm not supposed to dwell on past relationships, but I can't help wondering how you will compare to my last relationship. We (my 2009 planner and I) had a good thing going. Sure, it didn't have the luxury of a leather cover...and yes, I know you were available in 2009. I said I'm sorry OK? It's just that when I venture forth for a new one of you, I don't think of committing in September. That's just weird. I like the whole "let's start in January" thing.

Speaking of commitment. I have issues with that and you guys. I know that we're gonna be in this for a whole year together...well, till July with you. I need to know that we're a good fit... Do you let me put all my crazy lists everywhere? Do you let me see a whole month AND put the nitty gritty in my week?

I have a confession...after buying you, I did go to Target and scope out the competition...


I'M SORRY! I just don't know if it's going to work out...I have serious issues when it comes to the organization of my schedule. I'll give it some more time...

But if it ends up that I have to let you go...
It's not's me.