Saturday, August 30, 2008


I feel like I have been sitting in my beautiful office ALL day.  I just need to show you all how beautiful is really is.  My mamma requested that I take some pictures.  I have been editing so many sessions that I haven't really had time to take any  new pictures.  I have just changed my workflow for my business so I'm anticipating being able to get more stuff done.  Everyone has been so patient with me...Thanks a million.  

So, I was able to hang out with a really cool dude a couple days ago.  Colton is taking a college mechanics course and LOVES working on cars.  It was so funny because the place that I took him to made him kind of distracted....looking at all the old engines and stuff.  I especially loved his long board....







You know me...I can't resist those creamy clouds at the end of a session...


Thursday, August 28, 2008


When my husband is looking over my shoulder telling me, "I'm looks like you were taking pictures for a CD cover or something...tell him not to cut his hair." You know the session went well.  

Jared was SO MUCH FUN to hang out with! He was comfortable in front of my camera and was up for ANYTHING!!! Awesome shoes, awesome everything...I love it when my clients trust my craziness...I was also impressed with the ideas that he had...a couple of which are on this post :)

Dude, you crack me up...I especially love the song I hear when I'm giving you a call for the session..."I can ride my bike with no handle bars?" or something like that. HA! So funny.

Thanks for the fun times!!!

These shoes are so cool!





Of course I had to take my sunset shot...



Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thanks ya'll...

I couldn't believe that my image actually made the top 5.  That in itself was such an honor...I mean, did ya'll see the other finalists???  Their work is fantastic!  So, the deadline has come for your votes and I just want to say thanks to anyone who thought my picture was good enough for their vote...I read all the comments and was very touched and encouraged by what everyone said.  

I also am sad to say that my sister is leaving for the airport in 4 hours :(  We have been having so much fun together but I have to share her with my parents now so she is off to Florida.  Thank you Whitty for helping me get my office done, painting the amazing murals on the kids' walls and giving me the motivation to get some more painting done.  You are so generous and I can't thank you enough!  I'll miss you bunches!

I will have pics up soon of the before and after office project...oh my...what an undertaking.  3 layers of wallpaper, plaster crack repairs, mud texture, primer, ceiling paint, crown molding, trim paint, and a chandelier hanging later...I have my beautiful office.  I am so excited because it's so clean and it just helps having a nice space to work in.  My business is starting to get bigger and I needed an area where I can close the door and focus on my editing....I can't wait to show you!  You're gonna LOVE it!!!

I have a fun senior shoot tomorrow night and LOTS of editing to thanks for stoppin' by and seeing what's new around here :)  

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I usually don't listen to country music but it was only appropriate for me to soak in "The Cowboy in Me" as I was editing this senior's pictures.  Standing at 6 feet 7 inches, I had to do alot of climbing to get an above shot.  It was totally worth it.  From identifying reptiles on the side of the creek to sitting on a prickly plant, I had a good time.  He is a taxidermist who enjoys the outdoors and saved a pretty penny to get this amazing belt buckle.  I couldn't help but get a detail shot of it.  Zach, I hope you have a blast in your senior year and I thank you for choosing me to take your pictures :)






I made it!!!!

I can't tell you how loudly I squealed when I saw that I made the top Five Finalist for the Water Contest!  I am so stinkin' excited just to be chosen as one of the finalist!  Thank ya Lawd!  Anyhoo, if you wanted to be a super cool friend and score some brownie points go ahead and Vote For Me :)  Just to let you know, a thousand brownie equals a free session...haha.  For real though, take a look and see what you think...all the finalists are good.  Thanks for all of your encouragement.  Look back later tonight for a senior sneak peak...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Baby *K*

I would like to think that I am horribly sleep deprived...but I'm sure I don't come close to how tired this baby's mamma is.  The memories of getting up at the wee hours are a bit foggy for me.  I know that it sucked and I know that I did survive.  So, don't worry guys...this too shall pass :)

Funny story.  My friend didn't show that much during her pregnancy.  We had planned to do a maternity session but I was just waiting for the belly to get bigger.  Duh Ali...not every woman gets ginormous as I did during the last weeks of pregnancy.  So, thinking she had still a few weeks to go I decided to go ahead and plan that session.  Between both of our families coming in and out through the summer and my delusion that she was going to get bigger, I finally scheduled it for a Wednesday...she was 38 weeks folks.  So, where is this going you ask?  The Sunday before a beautiful baby was born.  I felt horrible.  I mean she was such a cute pregnant lady!  But, it was OK because I was able to take pictures of the baby when I like to.  Between 1 to 2 weeks.  At that age, you just set the heating pad under the backdrop and hope they don't get too relaxed and pee all over....but I completely expect it....I think I need to invest in more backdrops ;)  

This baby did so good.  I love it when they are this little because they will let you do most anything.  She laid in a bowl for me for the longest time.  So cute.  I think I REALLY like newborn shoots.  So, let all the mom's know that when the bun's out of the oven, I'll be ready.  Without further adew I present to you Kyla LeeAnn...a beautiful little lady with some hair.








Monday, August 18, 2008

David & Candace

Wow...what a whirlwind my week has been.  I'm always doin' somethin' :)  This weekend I had a fabulous couples session and my first newborn session.  I can't wait to post the images of that precious little girl, but they will just have to wait until tomorrow.  

On Sunday I attended the most spectacular summer party.  For all the other photographers out there....I went saying, "I'm not gonna take any pictures.  I'm just going to relax."  But I just couldn't help myself!  All the bright colors were screaming for some attention.  So, I took as many as I could to fill up a 1 gig card...and I shot in RAW so that was about 88 images.  My friend Sue is so talented at putting these events on.  I just can't explain in words all the awesome stuff she put together so be looking for those this week too.  I have a friend that suggested that she publish her summer party idea in a magazine.  No kidding folks...this lady is THAT good at putting on a party.  So hopefully between my photos and us girls giving Sue some encouragement, you might see her published...we'll see.

I am busy with sessions again this week.  YAY!  I have senior sessions Wed and Thurs.  Both dudes.  I think we're gonna have alot of fun.  Then I get to shoot a sweet couple around the Vaughn area on Saturday.  But let me tell you about this couple I hung out with last Saturday.

This is Superman (David) and Mrs. Lane (Candace).  We have a longstanding joke at my day job about David being superman.  It's quite funny.  Candace even had me make his ring tone when he called the superman theme song.  I don't even remember how it started...something about calling David at his office and when the secretary asked who it was, she would say Louis Lane.  

They are a perfect fit for each other.  She loves to laugh...and he is pretty good at accomplishing this task.  They had been friends for a long time.  When I heard they were dating I was secretly hoping inside that it would lead into something I was delighted to hear that he proposed.  It just seemed right for these two to get hitched.  I'm so happy for you two and can truly see the delight you have for each other.  Congrats to you both!!!








I la la LOVE silhouettes!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chad & Melissa

I was invited into a cozy home as Chad finished getting ready. "Yea, we really like the place..." he said as he hovered over to put on his socks. Then came his beautiful fiance, carefully coming down the stairs. She had that pregnancy glow...I knew from the beginning these two were a good pair. He hailed from Utah and it was destiny that he met Melissa. They knew from the start it was meant to be. The opening of a new restaurant in Great Falls is how they came here.

All I can say is this little boy soon to come is going to be surrounded by so much love. It just oozes from their smiles. They can't wait to hold him in their arms and stare at him in wonder. The product of such love...I am so excited for you and was thrilled that you let me be apart of this amazing piece of your lives...Thank you!

Ya'll were so much fun to hang out with and hope you had as much of a good time as I did :)




Saturday, August 9, 2008

"A Pirates Life for Me..."

My adorable son had his first week of Vacation Bible School this last week.  And he's been singing this cute little song..."It's a pirates life, it's a pirates life, it's a pirate's life for me..." (to the tune of a merry jingle) all day today.  My church does an AMAZING job of putting this on for the kids and every year it gets better and better.  This year the theme was "A Pirates Life in Christ."  It sounds a little oxymoron-ish but nevertheless, the kids had a blast and did learn valuable truths.  

Thank you to Steve and Christel and all the VBS crew for working so hard to put that all together.  I know it's no easy task.  My kiddo enjoyed every moment of his time :)

I had taken a little break from shooting because I was working a full time schedule at the now that I'm back to normal schedule I have already booked three sessions this next week.  YAHOO!  I love meeting new people and telling their story through my photography.  It's an expression of art for me...I feel blessed to be able to do this as a business.  So, it will be busy but keep watching for lots of sneak peaks this next week :)

It's been a couple of weeks since Dave and Rikki's wedding.  What a lovely couple!  Ever since these two got together my heart was happy.  I was able to tag along and see how a wedding flows from a photographer's perspective and even got the treat of taking a couple shots during the ceremony...



Isn't her bouquet beautiful?!?


David when he was little...lovin' the 'stash


A sweet time of prayer before the ceremony


I love how she is so serene here with all of her bridesmaids so excited in the background





This one is my favorite...people were looking at me funny though as I was shooting this one...
Sprawled out on the floor like road kill