Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Baby *K*

I would like to think that I am horribly sleep deprived...but I'm sure I don't come close to how tired this baby's mamma is.  The memories of getting up at the wee hours are a bit foggy for me.  I know that it sucked and I know that I did survive.  So, don't worry guys...this too shall pass :)

Funny story.  My friend didn't show that much during her pregnancy.  We had planned to do a maternity session but I was just waiting for the belly to get bigger.  Duh Ali...not every woman gets ginormous as I did during the last weeks of pregnancy.  So, thinking she had still a few weeks to go I decided to go ahead and plan that session.  Between both of our families coming in and out through the summer and my delusion that she was going to get bigger, I finally scheduled it for a Wednesday...she was 38 weeks folks.  So, where is this going you ask?  The Sunday before a beautiful baby was born.  I felt horrible.  I mean she was such a cute pregnant lady!  But, it was OK because I was able to take pictures of the baby when I like to.  Between 1 to 2 weeks.  At that age, you just set the heating pad under the backdrop and hope they don't get too relaxed and pee all over....but I completely expect it....I think I need to invest in more backdrops ;)  

This baby did so good.  I love it when they are this little because they will let you do most anything.  She laid in a bowl for me for the longest time.  So cute.  I think I REALLY like newborn shoots.  So, let all the mom's know that when the bun's out of the oven, I'll be ready.  Without further adew I present to you Kyla LeeAnn...a beautiful little lady with some hair.









  1. You are amazing! Almost makes me want to have another baby just for you to photograph it! Just kidding !!!!! Seriously kidding!!!!!!!!
    I loved hanging out with you guys and your boys. Your normal! Yea!!! Let's hang again soon.

  2. I think I know who that baby is!! You are awesome and she is beautiful. You capture such beauty and are amazingly talented!!

  3. Ali, you are an inspiration! Go and buck up and ask... the worst they can say is "no" and it won't kill you. Good luck - Y

  4. when i have a baby...you better be ready with that camera of yours! simply gorgeous......incredible lighting...