Monday, August 18, 2008

David & Candace

Wow...what a whirlwind my week has been.  I'm always doin' somethin' :)  This weekend I had a fabulous couples session and my first newborn session.  I can't wait to post the images of that precious little girl, but they will just have to wait until tomorrow.  

On Sunday I attended the most spectacular summer party.  For all the other photographers out there....I went saying, "I'm not gonna take any pictures.  I'm just going to relax."  But I just couldn't help myself!  All the bright colors were screaming for some attention.  So, I took as many as I could to fill up a 1 gig card...and I shot in RAW so that was about 88 images.  My friend Sue is so talented at putting these events on.  I just can't explain in words all the awesome stuff she put together so be looking for those this week too.  I have a friend that suggested that she publish her summer party idea in a magazine.  No kidding folks...this lady is THAT good at putting on a party.  So hopefully between my photos and us girls giving Sue some encouragement, you might see her published...we'll see.

I am busy with sessions again this week.  YAY!  I have senior sessions Wed and Thurs.  Both dudes.  I think we're gonna have alot of fun.  Then I get to shoot a sweet couple around the Vaughn area on Saturday.  But let me tell you about this couple I hung out with last Saturday.

This is Superman (David) and Mrs. Lane (Candace).  We have a longstanding joke at my day job about David being superman.  It's quite funny.  Candace even had me make his ring tone when he called the superman theme song.  I don't even remember how it started...something about calling David at his office and when the secretary asked who it was, she would say Louis Lane.  

They are a perfect fit for each other.  She loves to laugh...and he is pretty good at accomplishing this task.  They had been friends for a long time.  When I heard they were dating I was secretly hoping inside that it would lead into something I was delighted to hear that he proposed.  It just seemed right for these two to get hitched.  I'm so happy for you two and can truly see the delight you have for each other.  Congrats to you both!!!








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