Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thanks ya'll...

I couldn't believe that my image actually made the top 5.  That in itself was such an honor...I mean, did ya'll see the other finalists???  Their work is fantastic!  So, the deadline has come for your votes and I just want to say thanks to anyone who thought my picture was good enough for their vote...I read all the comments and was very touched and encouraged by what everyone said.  

I also am sad to say that my sister is leaving for the airport in 4 hours :(  We have been having so much fun together but I have to share her with my parents now so she is off to Florida.  Thank you Whitty for helping me get my office done, painting the amazing murals on the kids' walls and giving me the motivation to get some more painting done.  You are so generous and I can't thank you enough!  I'll miss you bunches!

I will have pics up soon of the before and after office project...oh my...what an undertaking.  3 layers of wallpaper, plaster crack repairs, mud texture, primer, ceiling paint, crown molding, trim paint, and a chandelier hanging later...I have my beautiful office.  I am so excited because it's so clean and it just helps having a nice space to work in.  My business is starting to get bigger and I needed an area where I can close the door and focus on my editing....I can't wait to show you!  You're gonna LOVE it!!!

I have a fun senior shoot tomorrow night and LOTS of editing to thanks for stoppin' by and seeing what's new around here :)  

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  1. thanks for your love precious daughter of God and daughter of mine, i am so blessed to call you daughter...and thanks for sharing your little sister, my other precious daughter...God went overboard when He allowed me to be your mother...i love you all so much, have a fantabulous day and let us know who won the watercontest?