Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy "BIRD" Day

My sweet Ashton is 6 today! Here goes the cliche Mamma in me....I just can't resist:

"It's seems like yesterday...."

...for real though. This little face was staring at me.


He was about 14 months in that crazy right? Hard to believe that my smart first born is half way through kindergarten, sounding out words and reading. I was so sad that our spontaneous trip happened during his birthday. BUT, we had so much fun making some fun cupcakes for his classmates on Thursday night. Ashton wanted a "Nemo" birthday. I think it's so stinkin' cute that he still loves the Pixar fishy! He gets to wear the birthday crown all day on Friday and give these cute cupcakes to his friends. He was SO excited about it :) We will be back tomorrow to top off his birthday celebration. But I miss him now. I love my munchkins!

Ali land is so much happier with Ashton in it...I love you Mr. Face!!!

I'm just a teeny bit proud of these...thought 'em up all by myself :)
Little kids love things like cheese and icing right?



  1. Omi is here in GTF with the grandest of grand sons and yes we have been letting little Ashton know how very special he is, and how the world is a much better place with him in it. As I reminisce sometimes through the old photos of my toddlers little did I know how wonderful and great they would grow up to be awesome women of God, funny, talented, compassionate, just like Jesus....The Lord has wonderful, good plans for Ashton's future and I have been enjoying being here with him and Parker. Parker is a sweet pea, he is very special too, I want to savor every moment I am with them, and yet I know they will continue to grow and I hope and believe into all the Lord Jesus desires them to be.
    I am glad you went to Texas, I have had so much fun and I know you and Dave Lee have enjoyed the get away. See ya manyana \0/

  2. Wish the little man Happy Birthday for me!
    From: Mr. Matt

  3. Ali! Is Ashtons birthday on the 17th?? My little girl Kaci is born that day as well. She turned 10 this year. WOW! 10 is HUGE! Happy Birthday to Ashton!!