Tuesday, March 16, 2010

insert annoying busy signal {HeRe}

I think I made it into the Guinness Book of World Records...yup...

you know what for :)

But I'm totally cool with that because my life has been exciting, scary, fabulous...you can put any emotion probably at the end of that statement because I've probably felt it...

So to update everyone on my life, because contrary to popular belief, I'm still breathing...Dave and I finished up some last minute hizzay repairs/updates and listed By Owner...we had about 4 showings I think...2 of them being divine appointments...not because the folks wanted the house but because they had some awesome encouragement to give Dave and I regarding our new adventure that's about to unfold.

The whole by owner thing lasted a little over a month and then Dave felt pressed to list the house with our realtor friends who sold us the house. Not that we're being anxious, because believe me, I'm really not looking forward to the efforts of moving over 1,000 miles away, BUT we strongly sense that we need to "get'er done" and get to Texas as soon as we can. I think our urgency is in the fact that we were getting comfortable with the idea of NOT moving because there were no nibbles on the house when we were trying to sell it on our own. And if we get too comfy, then we won't be listening to our heart.

Our listing went live on the 8th and since then, we have had 5 showings with 1 couple really interested. So we'll see. In the midst of purging my home of crap, packing & organizing what I can, keeping the house pristine with two busy little boys, getting kicked out of my house for showings with two busy little boys, continuing to serve on the worship team at church, editing, closing up orders from last year, lots of album design, editing and more editing...I have been shooting some sessions rather spontaneously. Mainly due to weather and also because I'm just not sure when we're leavin'. So, my blog has kind of been on a hiatus...

But can I just say this?


(that kind of looks like a double chin smiley doesn't it...hahaha)

But seriously, I am just flippin' ecstatic about the biz!!! I've nailed down my workflow, I've established my brand, I now offer some awesome collections with THE latest product offerings. Can I get a "whoop whoop?!"

So, I AM still shooting...Lawd knows I can't keep the camera away for long, but I'm not sure how long I'll be here...in the Great Fizzle that is.
It's kind of spontaneous, but in Ali world...it all works out :)

It would be so wrong of me to have a post with no pictures after this long right?
So...I won't leave without posting some pics of one of my seniors from last year...

Meet Cheyenne...the rock star.






  1. Wow, Ali! i wondered where you went! Im so excited where God is leading you and your hubs.
    May He bring the right family to your home and that the "paperwork" goes with ease. Glorify Him through this and continue to testify to His goodness! Be blessed!

  2. So glad to see you blog again, I've been missing you! Love you Ali!