Saturday, March 20, 2010

Marcus {loves his shoes}

Marcus let me know on a couple of occasions that he likes, nay, loves his converses :) I was so stoked that:

1) he would brave the weather with me...AND
2) would drive 2 hours and 14 minutes (according to
Google maps) to have me take his pictures!

Can we say "honored???"

Well, I sure was! And it was so worth the sloppy mess we played in. As I make it mandatory...we laughed our faces off...and stuck 'em back on at the end of the session :) From dodging toilets, to the 'one-braid' pose to me freaking out that we were going to disturb a homeless man's sleep...turned out to be a bumpy tarp...

...this session was full of adventure and new inspiration for me. I've had a little lull from the weather but it's so encouraging that the break was not as big as last years. That, to me, means means that people like what I'm offering. It means that I truly am doin' MY thang. And it SO blesses me that folks, like Marcus, are willing to do something out of the box to humor my crazy makes me happy :)




THE awesome shoes :)



I love these next couple of shots!!!



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