Saturday, April 3, 2010

logan {pArKoUr}

A couple of weeks ago had the awesome opportunity to meet Logan. He's a fun lovin', screamo rockin', baseball playin', street runnin' dude. Yeah. He's that cool :)

When Logan told me he could "street run" I wasn't sure what that meant. Then he showed me:


He plopped down from that last shot and proceeded to tell that if he was street running he would do that kind of stuff while runnin' around in the alleys and streets. Then I was like...." Parkour!" Then of course my mind immediately visited "The Office" episode where they featured parkour. TOO FUNNY!

Logan, you're fun personality, talent and faith are gonna take you places you've never dreamed! I'm so excited to see the fun things that will happen in your life :)

Mmmm...yummy sunflare...




I'm pretty sure these next two tie as my fave shots of the day :)






And because you need a good laugh today, here's some awesome parkour stunts by none other than your crazy Office guys:

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  1. Ali, I found your blog through the I heart faces community and I just love your Senior sessions! Seniors are what I want my Photography business to tailor to because I just love them! They are fun and willing to do anything! you have found some amazing locations!!!