Monday, April 5, 2010

bReAkInG {eggs, bad habits, and myself}

Lots of fun stuff going on here:

*Showing the house about every day...

*sweatin' bullets "power cleaning" right before 'em...

*Learning new ways to dye Easter eggs (they're SO pretty)...

*Miraculously stopped biting my nails after 20 years of biting 'em

*Goin' to the circus for free, thanks to my kids' winning a coloring contest...

*Shooting the Foothills Banquet and meeting Mr. Mike Huckabee. AWESOME...

*Finally realizing that it's OK to take a day off...

My little rant comes from that last blurb. Many of you awesome photog peeps may know where I'm coming from...or maybe ya'll already have it figured out. Kudos if ya do :) But for me, it's so easy to be consumed every second of the day with what I do since it's so close...

We meet. We shoot. We edit.

...and this is where I sit. For hours. In front of my computer:

culling. processing. retouching. emailing. researching.
deviating. facebooking. youtubing. refocusing.

I'm absolutely passionate about what I do. I LOVE meeting new people and telling their stories but can anyone else relate with me here? Does anyone else feel this crazy need to get everything done like yesterday? Anyhoo, it was kind of stressin' me out and it's completely my fault. But I'm stoked to tell ya that I'm OK now with taking a break for day. A WHOLE do whatever the heck I want. Sure, I talk to my clients and email if I need to. But, I really try to do stuff with the fam...and stuff for me...for a day. And ya know what I've learned? I am SO much more motivated when I do take that time for just rest and give my mind a break of what needs to be done. It's like I charge up for another awesome week of my life :) Maybe it's just me, maybe I'm just preachin' to myself, but if there's an "amen" out there, be's totally OK to be lazy for a day. To do something completely for recreation's sake. To snuggle with the kids and watch movies in bed. To go to the park without the pressure of getting back home to edit. To keep the computer off...unless of course you want to youtube your brains out.

You NEED a break...weekly if ya can. God took a day to rest. Why shouldn't we?

So anyhoo, there's my little rant...I'm done now :) Hope everyone had a super fun Easter with their fams! I thought I would post a couple pics of our egg dying fun...this year, we did confetti eggs, or more formally known as cascarones. SO much fun! I totally was spacing that I could use my hole puncher to make the confetti, so you know what this mean mamma did? I made my kiddos (and myself) cut up streamers to make the confetti...because I didn't care to go out that day and buy some. And besides, it builds character right???? You know, workin' diligently at something for a long time towards a really good/fun goal?

Well, I'm definitely doing the hole puncher thing next year :)




To the right: Parker watching the first egg come out of the dye...
To the left (uh uh): 'now dip baby dip' oh woops...had a "Tootsie Roll" moment

anywayzzz when Ash was cuttin' confetti he dropped a long string and it happened to fall right on Sam's face...did he care? Obviously dog is SO cute :)


Some of my faves!!!



  1. Your photos are perfection, and slay me every time i see more of them.!

  2. Love you! I'm feeling a little guilty for never having done the "real" eggs for my kids. Only plastic. :( And days off are great!!

  3. Sooooo true! Why do we always think we need to be working?!! Great reminder! Life is sooo much more than the biz. You rock!