Friday, February 5, 2010

CoWs {artsy fartsy}

I was on this hilarious, fun and quirky photogs website the other day. I heart this woman SO stinkin' much! Whenever I'm at the computer and my obnoxious laugh rumbles through the husband knows I'm probably reading her blog :) Anyhoo, I remember how much I LOVE all her cow pictures and remembered that I had snagged a shot of a cow when we went camping this last summer. I have been waiting for the perfect image to make a ginormous metal print of...wanna hang it on my wall going into the kitchen...oh gosh! Now that I think about it maybe that wouldn't be the best place to hang it...poor Hank.

Anyway...I think I've found it. I want it BIG. I know I won't regret getting this even if we do move. And I can hang it somewhere other than the kitchen in my next house right?

Who wouldn't want a Montana cow starring at them with that look... know, that sweet "Huh?" look...



  1. Love! It would look better in my farm chick kitchen ;) xx

  2. This is cute! I could totally see it as a canvas in your new house!