Friday, April 30, 2010

JoLeNa {sweet friend}

After talking about friends in my last post, I just couldn't resist not honoring this person in my life...honestly I went back and forth because I didn't want to hurt anyone who has been so wonderful and a part of my know the scenerio:

*you've helped at an event. whether it be for two hours or for two weeks. and you sacrificed so much to be generous with your time. to volunteer or contribute to this event. the event takes place. your sitting at one of the tables. in the back. you think "why didn't i get a table at the front? because I helped. and it's time for the "thank you's." the person behind the podium makes the cliche "i first want to thank ALL the people who helped out at this event because there are too many to name, thank you for your time...blah blah blah" whatever. you really want to know if YOUR gonna have your name called following. and then he/she speaks. names. you eagerly wait to see if yours is called. and with every name that is read. that isn't yours. a sharp pain stabs your heart. hurt. that maybe someone did not appreciate your efforts.*

Am I the only one who does that? Am I the only one that has a brief moment of bitterness that rises up in me and then has to get over wake up and realize that the folks who's names WERE called, like lived off coffee and didn't sleep for 72 hours to make the event happen??

Anyhoo, I'm just tryin' to be "see through" with ya...and I have been known to be a bit sensitive..the darn artist in me...but I am almost positive that everyone else has it way more together than me.

So I have known Jolena for...well, since I moved to Great Falls. She was the second gal I met here. I had just gotten hitched to Dave and HAD to start learning to make GIRL friends. Because honestly, I didn't have any girl friends before I was married. No joke...they were all guys. I have always just got along better with dudes...and no I wasn't a boy crazy kinda gal...just liked things like playin' pool, paintballin' and riding 4-wheelers crazy through the tick infested GA woods. Things that most girls wouldn't when I met a gal that loved to camp and fish but still beamed beautiful femininity...I was like...I want to be her friend. And I did. I feel so blessed to have her in my life. It's super sad that I'm leaving because it's been just recently that I have really been able to spend some time with her. Here's a few reasons I love Jolena:

I love how she helped me remember how fun scrapbooking is. I love that I can freely dote on Edward Cullen without being judged. I love that I can call her at 11pm and chat till 1 am because she's a night owl like me. I love that she brings out the girly in me! It doesn't matter how nasty my feet are, she won't let me leave her house and will give me a pedicure if my toes need pampering. I love her encouragement on parenting. She inspires me to be a better mother. I love our common tastes in candy. Hot tamales! I love that she gives of her time every week to visit the kids at the Juvenile Detention love on them and tell them how much God loves 'em. I love that she loves me so much, she will tell me what I need to hear and not what I want to hear. I love her heart for God.

Love you are so gorgeous and I'm so thankful for you!











  1. Wow, gorgeous photos. What a wonderful gift that you are able to give your friend to remember you by--beautiful portraits.

  2. awwwww!!!that was so stinking sweet it made me cry!! You are an amazing friend! Im so thankful God placed our lives together!! You are so gifted from GOD!! THe best photographer ever!!because in real life I dont look that good!! photoshop me more please!!lol!!Im so excited for you and the beautiful plans He has for you and your precious family!!!I love you my sweet Ali!!
    your forever friend!! jolena

  3. These are gorgeous! I love the creamy skin tone and complexion....any tips on how to do that? :) And Hot Tamales are seriously my favorite candy ever! I buy the 1/2 pound boxes and will eat the whole thing!

  4. OKAY I'm totally flattered every time you comment on my pics cause I think you are seriously amazing! One of my photog idols to be real with you. I LOVE your work!!!!!

  5. Wow Ali, there are beautiful!! I love all the colors and this sistah is gorgeous :)