Thursday, April 29, 2010

fRienDs & ToEs

...because I have no foes..get it? HAHAHA!

...anyhoo...FRIENDS...i will miss them...

I know I'm gonna still make my phone calls...I have always been pretty good at that. At least every other week, I like to give myself a date with coffee, the phone and whomever answers the ring - on my list of "folks I need to catch up with."

And thank the good Lord for Facebook!!! I know I'm not the best face-booker, but I have to admit that when I do make a mission of creepin' around on's a flippin' affair. I guess I go in spurts with that...and that won't change...

...but to have access to seeing my friends, calling them up with a wild spontaneous hair to do something and getting to laugh with them IN PERSON...THAT is what I will miss.

So, I did say toes for a reason ;) I got my hair done a couple days ago after not going anywhere for E.V.E.R. and a year...Avery Simonsen of True Colors Salon did a FABULOUS job and I have to say that I am completely blown away by her awesome client service. I have never had a stylist call me 24 hours after I get my hair done to inquire how I like it...that was really cool! I also had my toes done. Has anyone else ever heard of glitter toes??? I never did, but I'm up to try anything and WOW! It's like bling for your feet!!! It's a gel and glitter process that's cured so the fun sparkle lasts for 4-6 weeks!!! Seriously, if you wanna do something fun and smile every time you look down at your toesies, you should try this! I hate my feet but LOVE my toes! This pic does NOT do the sparkle justice and so sorry that you have to look at my hobbit feet, but here's what they look like :)



  1. You do not have hobbit feet, but why didn't you post a hair pic as well?? I want sparkle toes!!

  2. "Beautiful are the feet that bring good news" You have my digits!