Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Sophie & my new/old red chair!!!

I have been looking for THE chair for almost a year.  I have wanted something old and vintage-y yet bright and happy to lug around with me for certain sessions...I was on a budget for this perfect chair and always couldn't get one I wanted because they were over 200 dollars...because they were in nice shape and all.  I could get one for about $150 but then my kids would have springs pokin' their bums.  Anyhoo, I saw this new antique/second hand shop while location scouting called "The Barn" and decided to pop in.  There are so many fun treasures in that store!  But the most exciting thing about my day I found it.  THE chair...and I got it for a deal too!!!  So, here's my pretty kitty Sophie sitting on her throne.  


And to add some Ali funk, I edited it with a cool worn texture.  Dontcha just love layers???

PS.  I probably should've edited her eye boogers out...oh's 1:41 am...practically sleep editing :)


  1. such a fantastic photo! I love her, she's so pretty! By the way I LOVE your new look! Its fun, cute and totally you!!

  2. hi ali - just wanted to say thanks for your comments! AND... I am totally JEALOUS of this red chair! Where do you live? Where's that Red Barn? I would LOVE to have that red chair. If you find another one, buy it for me!! ;)

  3. Ali! Love the red chair! Thanks for the comment on my blog, it made me smile! :) Have an awesome shoot today! Looking forward to some great new pictures on your blog.