Saturday, February 21, 2009

Smith Family

This is one of the MANY things I've been up to lately...


Yes...those are my computer's privates...after getting all my new goodies I discovered that my firewire port wasn't, I had an AWESOME technician come to the house for on site service...whoop whoop! Isn't Apple great?!?!? So I was down for a couple days and itching to get back to work on some fun new ventures I've had up my sleeve ;)

But I really wanted to give my fabulous family of 5 their previews to an amazing session! This fam won my heart from April's warm hug greeting to Jackson's "Froggy." Wesson, the adorable pooch came along too:)

I went a little overboard but who wouldn't? With such a beautiful family can you blame me??? I HAD to post this one because it makes me smile ear to ear...I was telling dad and mom to give each other a kiss and kidding, like I always do, I said, "Show me how babies are made..." This was their reaction :) Too funny!!!



Jackson was getting cold so they raced each other to get warmed up again...Wesson won :)


Look at those baby blues!!!


I swear I'm not mean...but I still think he's SO stinkin' adorable!


IMG_5621_p© are stunning!


Look out...he's a cutie!


Sydney is my kind of girl! She was having a blast bein' a monkey and climbing on the tires...even when she fell in one, she didn't stop laughing...neither did I!




A good family snuggle...



Thank you sweet family for the fun times! I am truly blessed to have met ya'll :) I also want to give a shout out and say thanks to Wendy of Happy Jack Hats for her amazing work and patience with my crazy requests...This girl is super talented!


  1. Another great shoot Ali! What kind of camera do you have?? I wanted to ask when we talked and forgot??

  2. Thanks Tambi! I have a Canon 5D Mark II

  3. They are such a gorgous family! I love Syd in the hat, I think I might have to name it for her. I knew Soren had beautiful eyes but WOW! Such amazing pictures Ali! I love it.

  4. Ali, the color, sharpness, brightness, EVERYTHING!! It all looks great. I keep trying to catch up to where you are, but you just keep getting so much better that I can't keep up!! I"m so excited for you! These images are fantastic! :) Have a great week! :) Lora

  5. In a word WOW! Stunning colors, sharpness. Just simply amazing.