Friday, March 6, 2009


Stands for "Missing in Painting."  I have been motivated.  And my husband knows when I'm motivated, there's NO stopping me and I think of nothing else.  So I was tired of looking at the cabbage patch land called my living room and dining room and decided it was time to pick out the right colors...I had a purple gray in the dining room and a bright green in the living room.  Like I said...veggie mania.  This house deserved some richness for cryin' out loud.  So, I had my best friend help me pick out the colors and I am so glad we went with what we did!  3 days of non-stop (apart from feeding children, husband and animals) painting!  My husband doesn't do any painting because I'm pretty picky about how I like to to save our marriage, he just lets me do it all.  The trim was a cream color and I painted all of it stark white...I really didn't like that part.  But now my back spasms have subsided and I have a cozier area...I LOVE IT!!!  Oh yea, I also had swatched a different green on my walls about a YEAR ago!  How embarrassing...So here's what it looked like before (I just have random images to show you...didn't to cool before pictures):

Here is the dining room at Parker's 3rd birthday...complete with messy shelves...I can't believe I'm showing this to you...

And the living room with splotches...this is during a small group last year...Mr. Matt of  Fourth Avenue Studios wanted to figure out how this audible Star Wars card worked.  Being the sound guy he is, we let 'em rip it out to see...ends up it used the card paper as a speaker so we had fun using different things as, our heads:

And here's after:

And one of my favorite finds recently:

Next is Dave's moulding for the rooms.  Can't wait!!!


  1. Your awesome babe! Thankyou

  2. Love the colors! You did great!!! I am highly envious of your newest find. I'm looking for one of those to go above my bed. I'll probably have to settle for Home Depot or Pottery Barn though. :(

  3. Looks amazing from what I can see. I will have to come and see it in person. I really like the dining room color way better.

  4. Hey! That looks amazing, Ali. I want to come and see it in person before I leave! Call me when you have time. Love ya!!!

  5. I so love the new look! The colors are fantastic, the house is really coming together! Its so fantastic having Jolene as that great friend that we can talk interior design with. She's so amazing at what she does!