Thursday, March 12, 2009

In hopes for spring...and wings...

Welp, right now it's a beautiful and sunny 36 degrees.  Only a slight wind.  This weather has me confused because only 2 days ago it was -3 or something like that.  Oh well, Florida awaits me soon!  That's right!  I am taking a trip to sunny Florida to visit the folks and do a few sessions.  How exiting to get my name out there :)  I also hope to make a pit stop in Georgia..woohoo!  The kids can't wait to see Omi and Papaw again.  

In hopes of spring, about a couple weeks ago I let the kids make some caterpillars.  They are so stinkin' cute!  As I thought more about the caterpillar I was/am amazed at the metamorphic changes that happen in a cocoon.  Gooey and claustrophobic, I feel like I am in a cocoon and that I have changed and am being changed not only in my photography but also as a wife...a mother....and as a person.  It's been painful these last few months but I am learning and am SO excited for what awaits me ahead!  I may inevitably be a "pupa" waiting for my wings, but I do know this...As long as I learn from my mistakes, keep a humble heart and have joy in the process of my growth, I'll be alright :)






  1. way to go that you are crafty with your kids! They will rise up and call you blessed!

  2. How fun, Ali! Way to go. God has really blessed you for being at home with your family.

  3. Can I make a caterpillar with you guys? :)