Monday, November 16, 2009

Michelle {just because she's fabulous}

The church choir was practicing for the Christmas Program. I remember the first time I saw her...I was like, "WOW! She's HOT!" Great hair. Great lips. Great eyes. She had THE best posture I had seen. EVER. She carried herself so confidently and I found myself having a hard time not staring.

She set the music neatly in front of the pianist. He started to play and then.....I realized that my mouth was gaping open! Out of her mouth flowed the most BEAUTIFUL voice! She was an opera singer....and as she hit the high notes of a mezzo soprano to "O Holy Night," I had bumps on my arms so big, someone could have mistaken my skin for a newly plucked turkeys. YES. She was that stinkin' good!

She went back to Switzerland to finish her contract at the Opera House there and felt she needed to come back to Great Falls. I had an amazing time with her daughter on this shoot! Aside from her singing engagements, Michelle is also an amazing pilates instructor! I have been going to her for some time now and my WORD! There are times where I seriously have to roll out of bed due to crazy sore abdominals. I love pilates thanks to Michelle. I have never had a trainer help me understand the connections my body needs to make. I feel so awesome after a session.

So, anyhoo, Michelle has been needing some new head shots to update her promotional stuff for her singing. We finally made it happen and decided to do the shoot at her house because:

1: It was a bit chilly outside
2: I absolutely LOVED the light
3: She has great taste for home decor

OK. I have to say it again. The light was AMAZING in her living room!!! I just love love love love loved it!

So here she is, Michelle, in all her fabulousness!!!

I don't know what it is....but I have a thing for these lay down, take 'em from the top angles now