Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm a good "guy"

While on an amazingly fun shoot yesterday, I asked my hubby to hold this red backdrop I had to block a bit of was flapping so stinkin' hard...flippin' HiLARious to see Dave try to get that thing under control!!!! We managed to get some good shots even with the crazy mast in the air...and then he proceeded to tie the "cape" like backdrop to his neck. I then was reminded of that commercial I triple heart...the super pages commercial! So funny!!!! I laugh big fat belly laughs every time I see the end. SO...I was all like

"DAVE! DAVE! I wanna picture with the cape! Because I'm a 'good guy!'"

It's so ironic to me that the same day we were remembering this commercial, I had a run in with a not-so-wonderful situation that is still haunting me almost a year later.

*Cue Alanis Morissette*

I have been extremely blessed to have some of the most amazing clients in the entire universe! After the visit yesterday from "the spirit of nightmares past," I was tempted, and almost caved in, to insecurity, self-pity and a very. VERY. Bad attitude.

Instead, I have chosen to accept this as a gift:
A fresh gratitude to all my wonderful clients who love and appreciate my work...
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! a Bajillion times over!!!

Love, me



And for your viewing pleasure, here is one of my fave commercials...I give major kudos to the genius ad peeps who thought this up :)


  1. Look how HOT you are! WOW! Call me sometimes...loves ya!

  2. Love it! I can totally see me doing the same thing. I'm kinda clutsy though, so I'd probably end up tripping over the cape right with the picture gets taken haha.