Monday, November 23, 2009

RaD flowers for RaD brides

My friend Corrie mentioned to me awhile ago that she was thinking about starting a flower business. And if anyone has ever talked to me, you know that I was quick to jump on that bandwagon. In a nutshell:

I love encouraging people to follow their dreams.

I LOVE helping folks with their businesses.

I love finding the unique brand that each person has.

SO...after a wedding she was able to keep the bouquet of the bride so I could snag some shots for her. I knew Corrie was amazingly creative...but I seriously did not realize just how genius she is with flowers! I have never seen a bouquet like this in Great Falls!

If you are a future bride that oozes style and just plain awesomeness, then I'd encourage you to shoot her a message. Not only are her arrangements beautiful, but her heart too. She is so sweet and truly adopts the vision of each bride's day. She creates unique and gorgeous arrangements that do not distract from the bride's beauty, but compliment her in every way!





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