Friday, November 27, 2009

Ling-Stowers {fam}

Did anyone else drift away into a food coma yesterday?!?! I think I had turkey 'roids' on my brain too much yesterday because I was tired before I even ate one oz. of the injected poultry. Weird...

Anyhoo, last year I had the opportunity to donate to a couple of auction fundraisers and for one of the auctions, this sweet family outbid the rest! They wanted to stay on their property for this session which was SO much fun because they had miniature donkeys, guinea hens, and turkeys that I could "talk" to. I know I'm weird. Be what it may, but I actually enjoy it when I can get a bird to gobble back at me...

...maybe I was subconsciencly trying to warn them of their popularity
associated with the upcoming holiday???

The afternoon light was beautiful!!! We romped around letting the kiddos play. Their dog was SO well behaved that I had to get a shot of him...I think I really confused him though because he kept looking back at his he was asking mom and dad permission...making sure it was ok to listen to this crazy woman ;)





Dave snagged this shot...
Warmth of the wheat + sweet innocent eyes = ali's heart strings tugged


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  1. I love it all, Ali! You're so talented!!!!!