Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ali 2.0

Weight had really never been an issue with me...that is of course until I carried two little - NAY - over-average sized munchkins in my tummy. I guess I thought I could just get away with eating potato ole's every single day with the first one...and Mocha Moo-lates every single day with the second. Seeing as they are 14 months apart, one can easily understand how I had a good 60 pounds of weight added to my once small frame.

But it didn't stop after the pregnancies. I now had TWO babies to care for, no time for myself and the only thing that I could run to and instantly feel good about was food. Cookies in particular. I think when peeps think of me, it wouldn't be too far fetched for them to say...."Oh yeah! I know Ali...the cookie monster..." Ask most my friends and they can tell you I almost always had a batch of homemade cookies in the oven when they would come over. In fact I think some of my friends were probably a bit upset when they were a pound or two more on the me making the delicious warm gooey wonderful treats. Ok I'm really salivating now...


Anyhoo, I had tried, on my own, to eat better...and I did lose a few pounds but nothing to write Oprah about. I then started workin' out. I love to run! It was so hard though running when I was so heavy...but I worked out nonetheless and a couple more pounds came off. I was getting very frustrated with not seeing the results I wanted after going at it pretty consistently for 4 years...and that's when I learned about Go Figure.

I started in August and to date have lost just around 50 pounds. It was tough but I HAD to do something about my bad eating habits. I pretty much kicked my metabolism back in gear and changed the way I felt about food. I will eat to live and not live to eat.

I also feel like I have grown so much inside as much as I have changed on the outside. That is what truly matters anyway. I have seriously tried to do a makeover on my heart just as much as my body. I really hope that this post isn't sounding vain to folks. That's not my intention...I just feel so good and feel like I've worked very hard to achieve this goal I have had for over 4 years. I figured I would just share with you the success I have had.

My young padawan Matt Ehnes took me out to do some "after" pictures. I seriously had about 45 minutes of daylight left and was rushing to get my mask on. It was really weird being in front of the camera and actually feeling good about myself. I think I kind of worked it ;) So, with Matt's permission I thought it would be cool to show ya'll some before and after pics...because:

a. number 1. Dave and I were looking at older pictures of me and I was all like, "WOAH!"


C. I have this guilty pleasure of enjoying those types of pics. Whether it be for some kind of face cream or hair's just cool that there's an instant result right there...does anybody else feel that way???

So here I am...Ali and Ali 2.0 ;)

p.s. there was no help from photoshop to get me to look this small and big for that matter
scout's honor



I was having OODLES of fun spicin' up the dance floor at a wedding in this next image...s'rsly...


And here's one more from Mr. Matt...Cuz I can't resist...



  1. wow congrats!!! you look completely different! :)) your definatly my hero

  2. You look amazing!!! Such an inspiration. Seriously- you go girl!

  3. Ali, you did it! You made it happen,and I believe in you 100% for all you decide to do in life! You are beautiful in these pics, just as always! :)

  4. LOOK AT YOU!!!! One HOT ma'ma! Congrats on your new look!

  5. Ali, you are so amazing! You were beautiful then at 1.0 and now at 2.0, and I hope this motivates me too! Congratulations!

  6. You look lovely! As the British would say. I miss you girl... your determination, your amazing creativity. We talk cameras one day and BOOM Ali is this amazing photographer. I am so blessed to call you my friend. You look so amazing. I am sure that your heart is as big as that smile. Hopefully we can catch up soon. Loves to you!

  7. ooh la la!! You are gorgeous darling!!!Such beautiful pics of you!! Hey I want to barrow those red heels!! lol!!
    love you!! j

  8. I absolutely love your pictures! And thanks for the comments (:

  9. my pookie, you are so beautiful to me ! ! !
    when you were my infant in arms, my melodious
    little girl with so much charm, even when you had the mumps "goodie, goodie"...i love you and am so proud of you however you look, but as i said in the being....
    poofie momma

  10. Congratulations! you look amazing! Hey, did I ever ask you if you wanted to do coffee when I'm in town? I would love to hang out with you. again. you were beautiful and amazing before, so now....!WOW! maybe I don't want to have coffee with you. I'll feel all small and insignifagant!
    : )

  11. hahahhaha MOOOM!! you made a TYPO, oh typo-captain!!!
    i belieeeeeeeeeeeve you meant to say "As I said in the beginning" instead of "as I said in the being"
    Sorry! I couldn't help myself...hee hee heeeee
    *oh, and ali - your hott..and you need to stoppit. srsly- don't make me come down there. okay..fine u asked for it..i'm coming! ;)
    Love, w.

  12. typo captain, can't believe i made a mistake, goodie, goodie, i am so glad that pencils have erasers, for such peeps as my witty and ali...

  13. Ali Brown! girlfriend you look AMAZING :) You know i didn't even recognize you in Target!! I am so proud of you...thats an wonderful testimony that we can do ALL things through Him!!!!

    Keep posting pictures sweet girl!!!!

    We leave for Texas tomorrow but when we get back lets plan a picture showcase night :)

  14. just to clarify on here. I never had the mumps for real. Oh my gosh I read that comment from my mom and was horrified that peeps were gonna think I was a carrier for some bad disease..hahaha...I won a poetry contest a LONG time ago and then poem was called "I've got the mumps" Whew...all cleared up now :)