Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dustin&Suzie {plus sweet munchkins}

When Suzie called me up for some pictures, I new right then, what a sweet hearted person I had encountered! They all were so amazing to put up with the windy weather too. This is the same session that we took the crazy cape pictures...I was relieved that Suzie said Dave and I were quite entertaining to watch. I'm so glad I can have fun with what I do!

Oh my word...and the baby!!!! This baby was AMAZING! She was so patient with me as I bundled her up...It's babies like her that tempt me into having more kids ;)

This family pulled my heart strings in a big way and I'm so thankful they let me peek into their lives and capture their fabulousness. Thanks guys for the fun time and laughs!!!


Look at that sweet yawn...



Is it creepy that I want this picture on my wall???


I'm still sayin' it are a hot way ;)


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