Wednesday, December 23, 2009

YAY for Christmas!!!

I LOVE Christmas!!!

I get so stoked about the decorating, the fun traditions I have started with my family, and just the celebration of Jesus' birthday :) Seriously, I could listen to Christmas music all year long. My husband and I have been battling the playlists because he has to hear Christmas music all day long at work. I'm all like...Bah Humbug to you Mr. Scrooge ;)

So I have my sister and her husband in town and tomorrow night my mom flies in! EEEEEEK! I'm SO excited! It has been awesome having my folks here together...surreal even. I took the two love birds out for the fastest shoot I think I have ever done. I would have gone longer...BUT...we had to beg him to do it in the first place so when he was done I didn't push it. It's supposed to be fun anyway right???

I wanted to post a teaser of what we did today and also some pics of my house decorated for Christmas! Look at my knock-out sis and her awkward feeling hubby..hahaha!
You know I love ya Cam :)


I decided to do a fun red black and silver tree this year for the main tree. Main tree you ask???Yes, I kind of have a Christmas tree addiction...


Our very first Christmas ornament as a hitched couple :)


It's so much fun to have my kids doing all the fun crafty things for Christmas. I'm getting so many wonderful ornaments hand made with love. I made these stockings for the boys a while back...they are replicas of a stocking my Aunt had made for me many many moons ago...when I was a wee baby...


If you walk in the foyer, you will be greeted by a sweet little purple, pink and gold
vintage tree...



This is the tree that I dolled up for the guest the green, black and blue...sounds so horribly violent for a Christmas tree but I think it's pretty :)



What fun traditions does your family have for Christmas?


  1. Hey Ali, Merry Christmas my tree loving photoger(?) ; )
    Our family and extended family that literally lives across the corn field. We do the christmas story..Like act it out. Like, pull out the horses and donkeys and chickens for this massive production. And because we have a big family, everybody gets a part. It used to be just to give Grandma her kicks, but now its just funny b/c we spend more time corralling the animals while saying the lines...Goood times...
    PS-you and your hubby were in a band? Wicked cool! My hubby and I was too. Commonwealth was our band name.

  2. these images capture the beauty and creativity of all that you are and all that you you and have a wonderful, blessed and contented new year....

  3. Oh my word!!! I LOVE your design style :) You are tastefully overdone and I think it's FABULOUS!!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by the blogs. Your comments are so insightful and thoughtful. It means so much...