Monday, December 21, 2009

It's alive!!!!


YAY! I am so excited about launching my new website! If you've noticed I have been kind of non-existent to my blog, it's because A number 1. I have been madly cleaning my house for my family who starts to get in tomorrow :)

And also because I have been workin' my now, not-so-large, derrière on this baby. I've poured everything of me into it so I really hope everyone will take a peak and let me know whatcha think. I finally took pictures of my trees so I'm hopin' to get those on here BEFORE Christmas. Can't wait to see my's been almost 6 years since we have had a Christmas much fun!!!


  1. EEEKKK! Can you hear me scream from England?!?! How exciting, Ali. Looks so good. You are amazing. You are so beautiful inside and out. Love you! Have a Merry Christmas.

  2. It looks fantastic, and LOVE the music!!! This blog looks awesome too! :)

  3. Ali the new site looks AMAZING! You are so talented, someday I'm flying out there so you can photograph ME!