Wednesday, December 30, 2009

sisters {rock}

Whitty and I had a bit o' fun at the Home Depot. For Dave's anniversary
present, I got him... a.k.a. more "us" than him-because I'm the family documenter,
a Flip video camera. We seriously do not have barely ANY footage of our family...
for the past two years. Maybe because of our dino age camcorder? Or maybe because
of me starting a biz? I'd like to blame it on the cam but really, it's not that old...
Just inconvenient to charge and then make sure I have tape and then, "Oh crap! We
don't have any tape!!! What can we record over?" Then that leads to a big mess on the
floor where we're digging to get to old Thirty9 (the band that we used to be in) footage.

It's just way easier to stuff this thing into my computer and BAM! There it is...ready to be
transported to my external drive :) It will be SO nice to just move these bad boy
video files to a DVD and mail them to the Mamma's. Or even create our own little
Youtube Fam channel even! It's flippin' Fantabulous!!!

OK. So I was super proud of myself for piecing a little vid together of my sis and I...
bein' crazy as usual..

Yes, we're wearing the same jacket. Mom decided to dress us alike again..haha J/K!
I bought her the jacket as a gift and I already had one...we accidentally left
the house wearing the same thing. HAHAHA....told ya we were crazy :)