Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shelby {senior}

Shelby is a girly girl. So of course her fave color is PINK. She seriously did amazing at this session as we romped around town. We even found some treasured graffiti! It is so cool when I stumble upon someone else's art. I only wish the person(s) behind the paint can masterpieces knew how much I appreciate their tags...

Perky and completely outgoing, Shelby is one of those folks that anytime you look at her she's smiling. So flippin' awesome. In fact, we kept crackin' up every time we would attempt a more "hey I'm a model look at my pout" look. Which was great because I would get these awesome shots of Shelby laughing....I LOVE laughing pictures. Every time I cross upon one, I end up smiling ear to ear too.

So good for the soul...




Fierce....love it!




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  1. Love 'em! :) That car one is cool, love the composition.