Thursday, September 3, 2009

Samantha {senior}

This girl has a HUGE heart! When Sam called me to reschedule her session, I was blown away (in a wonderful way) with what caused the change. She was chosen from a small, nay, TINY group of young peeps to work at the Special Olympics. Sam was so excited about this opportunity and I jumped up and down with her :) She is a talented athlete who has a heart for the mentally and physically challenged. The compassion in her voice and face as she described her trip soon led to my eyes leaking...Did I mention that she flippin' plays the cello like no one's business too?!?!

I seriously had to check myself after meeting this senior. What am I doing for others? What can I do to make a difference? Sometimes I get so caught up in myself, whining about how "busy" I am...I'm just being honest here folks. If I would just take the time to do something for someone a sad child a word of an elderly person a visit to the the guy with the sign on the corner some change WITHOUT judging what he will do with it...If I would just GIVE. Even if it's just my time, I know I would start to realize how not-so-bad I have it.

Thank you Sam! Your example has sweetly reminded me about what truly matters...for that I sincerely am ever so thankful!



The symbol on the left is what Sam wants tattooed someday :)



So I stumbled across this sign...yea, flippin' hilarious!




  1. I hope I'm not too "stalkerish" but I can't help but look at your blog everyday, and I love the pictures so much!!! :) How cool is that green thing that matches her sweater! You are the Queen of Seniors, keep rock'n it! :)

  2. Hello, This is my cousin and I do not get to see her very often and this was a fabulous way to see her. Your pictures are incredible!! Thank you!