Sunday, September 6, 2009

Where are all my ATL peeps at?!?!

Just puttin' my "feelers" out there on something I've been wanting to do. It may seem like an easy thing to do...gettin' out the feelers. But really it's not. My feelers are very sensitive. Like, I am REALLY nervous to do this sensitive.

With some encouragement from my dear friend and photographer Lora, I have decided to make a trip back to my old stompin' grounds. That's right...Ali Brown is from the A to the TL. Why you ask? Well, I have discovered a passion within a passion if that makes sense. I am completely in love with photography. I know a big "DUH" is probably going through everyone's minds ;) But I also have found that I am completely in love with helping people with their photography.

I often get emails from folks with questions and I seriously get so excited! I DO NOT claim to know everything there is. Lord knows that I went to the fabulous Google University for my photography training. Oh, and also the school of hard knocks. What I have learned has worked for me and my business. Maybe it might help someone else.

So, here it goes...I would like to offer a workshop in Atlanta, GA. Think FUNKY. ECLECTIC. COLOR. Everything that I am...Everything that I put into my photography I would like to put into this. I am even on the hunt for the most fun, vintage-y funky venue out there if this comes to fruition.

So, my feelers are officially out now. Is there anybody in the Atlanta area who would be interested in attending a fun filled workshop by me?

Oh wow...I just flashed back to kindergarten. "Will you be my friend? Check Yes No or Maybe"

I haven't come up with a final cost and I know that's a big factor. It will be reasonable for sure. If there are any of YA'LL *see, I still haven't lost that :)* who would be interested would you mind leaving me a comment or shooting me an email? That would be so rad and helpful.

Thanks to all my faithful blog readers and friends I have made during this awesome season of my life...



  1. Lora told me about this idea and all I have to say is yes! Absolutely! I love your work. You need to come to the ATL ASAP! :)

  2. Hi Ali my name is Meredith and I'm a friend of Lora's. I would love to come to your workshop in atl. Please keep us posted. My email is

  3. Ummm.. I am feeling left out. :) Will you come to England and do one too? BTW I LOVE the pict!

  4. Just found your blog through the crazy world wide web via Me Rah Koh --> Lora's blog --> you! :-) I live in ATL and would love to attend a workshop and meet other cool like-minded folks. :-) You can email me at erika_0720 at yahoo dot com. Thanks!

  5. I also found your blog through MeRa Koh's/Lora's blog. I LOVE your work!!! I would be interested in coming to a workshop in Atlanta! Just added your blog to my reader and hope to see details for Atlanta soon!!!