Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rachel {senior}

My senior season is still full throttle and I am SO enjoying it!!! I can't say enough how truly blessed I am to be meeting all these amazing young folks...

When I met Rachel I knew I had a fun session waiting for me. I really wanted to mix in some clean locations...of course I still hit the grungy spots too. We actually made it in time to hit a favorite spot that I hadn't visited in a year! I love it when my seniors are totally willing to be spontaneous with me...that is the norm for my sessions. Pick a meeting spot to start shooting, look over the wardrobe and my wheels start a'turnin'! I very often go scoutin' with my two kiddos in the car...keeping my eyes peeled for fun new locations. So with all the areas tucked away in my brain, I usually can match the person and outfit with the right spot.

Anyhoo, I guess all that was to say that Rachel was so awesome when we got to our meeting spot and I was all like, "Hey! I have a really cool place to go but we have to get there right now..." She was totally ready and didn't care at all that I changed things up a bit. As always, everything worked out fabulously!

Rachel, you are too awesome for putting up with my crazy times!!!






So pretty...



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  1. Where did my comment go? I thought I commented on this already. I really like the circle thing and how the sun is shining on her hair. Great shoot!