Thursday, August 20, 2009

Karissa {senior}

This girl has put up with so much for her senior pictures!!! I hereby give her the most patient and understanding award :) First, we had to reschedule her session because Montana decided to be...well...Montana and throw us crazy rain weather. Then, the beautiful day of her reschedule date, the weather started acting funny...again! We agreed we should just go for it. Apart from the freakish winds, it was great because I could use some locations that otherwise I couldn't if the sun were out. THEN...I hadn't got her sneak peeks on here because I have been battling strep throat the past four days.

I was trying to brush the sore throat off because you know, I don't have time to be sick. After two days of NO rest due to cold sweats at night, body aches and the last straw, puking blood night before last (Gross right?), I finally went into Immediate Care. I had a fever of 104.4 and they were kinda concerned. They had to give me one of those more embarrassing than painful butt shots to help with the fever, nausea, wanting to die ect. ect.

SO...since I'm feeling a teeny bit better today...thank God the fever's gone...I am finally getting to Miss Karissa. She was so much fun to shoot and such a trooper for putting up with the cancellation, wind, and me being sick.

I propose a toast:

To Dr.'s and butt shots...whom without both I might be near dead right now...


To sweet Karissa...for putting up with the weather and being so understanding of the situation...You're awesome girl! Go on with yer bad self!!!

The ever sacred senior steps...I was a wee bit scared for stepping on them...fearing I might get hazed by another senior...



See??? She totally worked the wind!




One of my faves...


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