Monday, August 24, 2009

Hilary {senior}

And the most courageous award goes too....Hilary!

Because she was the brave soul who was around me the day I got out of Urgent Care...I am feeling super oober better now BTW! Thank God for antibiotics!!! Why would we be crazy enough to do this session you say??? Well, because Hilary was planning to leave town that Saturday and we just couldn't reschedule b/c well...she was moving and I was booked the rest of the week. Everything worked out. I offered to wear my Michael Jackson mask around her and her mom and they were totally sweet to me letting me go at a slower pace that day. I just hope I didn't give them the gift that keeps on giving...

Actually...Dave, was supposed to do the session since I was sick. I was SUPPOSED to stay in the car and just tell him what I kind of wanted to see...but if you know me at all, I'm kind of a little bit of a crazy person when it comes to work and while checkin' out what Dave was getting on the LCD I kind of crept into the shooter's position. Taking over from that point on...Sorry Dave! You're such a sweetie for starting it out :) We did end up getting the second camera and he shot with me the remainder of the session.

So anyhoo, I'm really sad that Hilary left because I JUST got to meet her! She is a fun-lovin', silly girl who has a little bit of a crush on Spider Man :) I'm really glad I went ahead with the shoot because I felt a bit better after hangin' out with them for a couple hours. Laughter does good like medicine ya know???

So thanks Hilary! For the natural medicine of a smile! Yours rocks and maybe when you come visit we can hang...without the strep ;)





I triple heart the B&W...oooh la la!



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  1. Yummy

    She gets hotter every day.

    Miss you tons