Sunday, August 9, 2009

John & Joanna {LoVe}

When Joanna contacted me to do some fun pictures for her and John's 2 year anniversary I was ecstatic! Her and John are so wonderful for each other. When I came over to her house for our pre-session consult I saw the proposal letter that John hangs neatly framed on the wall. Yea, I was a mess after reading it. As I looked around their home, I noticed all these sweet messages they had written back and forth to each other. Their home oozes with the love they have for each other and more importantly the love they have for the Lord. These two stole a piece of my heart I think. I'm so thankful that our paths crossed. I wanted to try some stuff out that had been rolling around in my head. These two were like, "bring it on!" We had an amazing time and I am super stoked about their images. I have to say that John was such a sweetheart and flowed with anything and everything Joanna and I threw at him :)

Happy 2 years ya'll!



Joanna said this shot reminded her of "boy likes girl" kindergarten :)







  1.!! Ali Brown you do have some talent my dear!! Thank you so much for capturing such sweet moments for us!
    We had a wonderful time with you!! These pictures are everything and MORE than i could have dreamed of :)

    Hugs to you sweet girl!
    John and Joanna Parrish

  2. Ali Brown... these are great. I love these people and you captured them perfectly!!! :)