Sunday, April 5, 2009

My 100th post!!!

Hey Ya'll! I just realized that this is my 100th post since switching over to this blog! Rad huh? I promised some beach pics and since I am heading home Tuesday, I figured I better "git" to it. Southern accent compliments of being around my Daddy for two weeks.

We went to HoneyMoon's about a 10 minute drive from my folks house and it's where part of "The Punisher" was filmed. I knew I wouldn't have any pictures of myself if I didn't ask someone to brave my camera. Thankfully my sister took a stab at it. She was very quick in learning how to focus, recompose, frame...all the yummy lighting stuff and everything. From the looks of her shots she could have a future in this field too.

I wanted to share how I set up the shots for some of the cool rim lighting images. I used to be afraid of shooting without shade...not anymore! I now see it as an opportunity to get a beautiful highlight around the subjects hair and profile...I think it's cool anyway. I'm not perfect at it...but I'm trying to learn the far I've learned that as long as the back of your subjects head is facing the sun, so that their face is shaded, and your exposure is nailed, you can get that pretty rim lighting effect. I bumped up the meter through the viewfinder a couple of notches to experiment with it...this is one of my faves:


Isn't it fun?!?!?! I'm so excited about learning this more and gaining confidence with my rim lighting shots :) Enough blabbing...I edited on two separate days so that's why some are big and small...I'm eclectic anyway so it works :) Here's some more of my faves...



My mom and the kids playin' in the sand...


My lovely sister



As my sister and I were walking, I was wondering what this homeless man was doing...turns was my dad...whoops! I laughed so hard when I saw that it was him.


He was picking up these...


I love the colors you find at the beach!


Frolicking in the sand = awesome calve workout




  1. Awesome photos Ali...You are an inspiration to me. I only wish we could shoot together someday!

  2. great photos! so glad you're enjoying your family...and the beach!

  3. great photos! I have a question for you. I'm a beginning photographer, and I have a fairly basic lens...but I can't seem to get the clarity that you do in a lot of your photos. I'm wondering what lens you use? I have a Canon 20D camera with a Canon 28-90mm lens.

  4. Mine Truly...
    where, praytell, are the rest of our pics?? and WHY aren't there more postings??? HMMM?
    you seem to be forgetting, I CANT be a serial stalker if you don't provide me with sufficient material whereby which I may stalk you with.
    Ammend this immediately!
    I love you!
    your bratty little sister ;)

  5. Great shots Ali!! Loved them all, especially the ones of your sis - oh, and of course the one of your dad! :)