Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Because I love rad stuff...

I'm back from Florida...talk about a crazy trip...more on that later.  Really quick I wanted to share something(s) I found yesterday...some amazing textures that I'm excited to play with!  This woman is so amazing...Her name is Diana of Unik Photography.  She has a beautiful vision for capturing new life and I am in awe of the images she has on her blog!  She also has talent for creating textures...see them here.  I have been looking for some cool vintage fabrics for my baby sessions and can't seem to find what I want...it also was going to be very expensive...I stumble across this on flickr and loved what I saw!  I love how this rad mom has used Photoshop to give her those vintage background looks.  I have had this is my mind for my babies but thought I would have to truck around heavy loads of fabrics to my sessions.  Not anymore!  I've dabbled with textures a little but didn't realize the potential they had to completely change the mood of an image.   Now I've been on a shopping spree of textures...I am so excited about pursuing this!  

I am finding MY voice in photography and it is so liberating.  I'm an eclectic person.  My home may never meet the standard of a Martha Stewart Magazine (I think Martha's great BTW :), but it's me...my home is a collection of things that have stories...that make me feel happy.  If you go to my house you will see old and new.  Clean and rusty.  Retro and Vintage and in some places a little more modern.  I am finding that as I look inside myself to see what I truly am attracted to...it's coming out in my photography.  So if I see something and I love it...I may take a note and give my interpretation of it later.  I didn't create this style of photography and most of my peers didn't either...and that's ok.  Maybe one day I'll come up with some amazingly brilliant discovery...but for now, I'm content with doing what I'm drawn to.  If just one person is inspired by my interpretation of the "treasures" I have found...I would be honored.  Take what you like and give your twist on it...every person is different.  Wonderfully different.  

I couldn't help pulling out some past images and playing.  Of course this kind of editing isn't for every single image...but it's exciting that I know it's available and ready...especially for my babies.  Here's some ways to use textures:

Before - (notice my ghetto fabulous watermark...hey...we all start somewhere ;)


With some of Diana's textures:



Here's another one I thought was cool:


Hope my little rant helped someone...


  1. you rock my world!!! :) how hard/easy was this? can it be for elements.....I must check this out!! I looked at the pics before reading (shame on me)...now I'm gonna go read what you wrote about this.

  2. ouch, you dissed on the watermark...and mine is ghetto, STILL!! :) lol Can't you just fly over here and "coolify" me?!? :) you're the best!

  3. no dissing :) ghetto FABULOUS!!! Lora you ooze coolness!! I do still want to get down there...it will happen :)