Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We miss you Glathar fam!!!

It took me a little bit to get to blogging this.  As soon as I got home I was greeted by a very happy/sappy/"don't ever leave me for that long again" husband, a surprisingly tidy house (thanks Honey) and a slew of messages and phone calls for sessions and orders.  Woo hoo!!  

I'm trying to catch up from the crazy time we had getting home.  

Buddy Passes + Spring Break =
a worn out mamma and two restless munchkins tired of getting bumped off flights.  

Thank goodness we made it home!  If you can imagine Robin Williams in "Hook" on the airplane...that's me.  I never used to be like that until my near death plane ride...taking off in an impromptu freakish blizzard...on my way to Canada this last December.  It's good to be home :)

Oh Katie...how I wish I had the option of calling you up for coffee.  I had a ball spending time with you and your little ones during this session.  I'm so glad that we were able to fit it in before you left...I can't wait to see your "bump" out in the world!  Thanks for all the warm memories and I'll see ya when you get back :)

You have fun in England for me..."Mind the Gap."    







Glathar Blog

Look at that glow :)


Glathar Blog 2


Little brother didn't wanna kiss...too cute not to post



A more whimsy feel:

Birds from: Deviant Art
Sky from: ZaysMom
Texture from: JoesSistah


  1. looking good! hey, mom and Chris are coming for a visit, you should have jumped in with them! : )

  2. looking good! hey, mom and Chris are coming for a visit, you should have jumped in with them! : )

  3. I wish I could! That would be a blast! It would be great to get away from this snow too :)

  4. These are AWESOME! Do I have a password where I can order these and put them on the walls. Maybe they will be the first things hung since I have nothing else in my house that I actually own. Thanks for the fun day! I love you and pray God's blessing on you!

  5. I love the last shot with the texture! Awesome! Great job!