Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It burns!

I am STILL recovering from the sunburn on my back from a couple of days ago...Yours truly neglected to ask for help in slabbin' down the ole back with SPF 50...So now, I am lobster red after protecting my back since then from the evil C rays of the sun. The fam took the boys to the pool...I have been so careful for them not to burn. They haven't. Since I was stuck here alone I thought it would be a good time to fill ya'll in. Here's some pictures from take-off to the 28th. I still have to poke through the beach pictures that we took...the image on the post below is of me pre-skin fry...that was from the 29th...those I hope to post soon too. So here ya go:

My son insisted that we "read the instructions" before we took off on EVERY flight (it took four planes for us to get down here...don't you just love stand-by flying ;) ???) The funniest question that he asked was, "Mommy? Why is the plane in the water?" ....."Uhhhhhhh...."


My dad has the gift of hospitality...EVERY morning we wake up to the smell of southern breakfasts...and he makes us "Princess Coffee." He says it has to be good enough for his 3 princesses...he's loving having all of us girls home to spoil :)


So after I get my coffee in the mornings...I get to sit out on the back patio and watch the sun come up over my dad's beloved Palms...they are so beautiful. He has done such a wonderful job landscaping the yard...he even has his own banana tree with some baby bananas budding!!!


*Sorry about the pixelation on that one...I desperately need to get the MCP Magic Blog Board action set...they make life SO much easier! Here's a freebie they gave me...I used it to make a blog board of our time picking fresh oranges....

If I had access to these babies all year then I would be oober happy. They are like candy!!!


My parents have this monkey sanctuary close to their house. You can go down this bike trail and be about 15 feet away from them. This one was really active and funny. My sister and I would make monkey noises and jump around...we could have been taped for the Discover Channel our monkey performance was so good. Anyhoo, the monkey liked it I guess..he would clap for us. Then I stuck my face through the fence that we were behind and smiled and what do you know? He mimicked me :)


I'm trying to get my kids to learn how to swim. I used to be a swimming instructor/coach when I was in high school. Parker will do good blowing his bubbles under water for awhile, but then he forgets that he can't inhale and will swallow water. Poor guy.


So until we can get them swimming...arm floaties will have to do...


Hope ya'll enjoyed the little peek into the first few days of my trip...more fun beach pictures to come!!! Have a great Wednesday!!!


  1. fun fun fun! I love the board thingy, another thing for me to learn!! :) take care of that precious skin, no more burning! :) Have fun Ali! :)

  2. Ali,
    I am so excited that you have gotten a break and treated like a princess. You definitely are one.

    Love ya,