Monday, March 30, 2009

It's sunny in Florida...

and snowing in Great Falls....according to my dashboard. Don't hate me...BUT I'm having a great time :)



I promise to give you some more pictures soon...but it's about 4:20am now (Florida time)and my caffeine from the Waffle House is wearing off...Mmmmm...Texas CheeseSteak Melt!

Thanks to my sis for braving the big scary camera to take my picture...the only other pic I have of myself from my trip before this was my ugly feet...taken by...none other than me. So, thanks Whitty!!!


  1. Ali, you are beautiful! :) Love this pic, I want one!! :) I am so glad that you are enjoying yourself, but bummed that you can't come see me in GA, that stinks that the dates didn't work out!! I love the waffle house, scattered, covered, smothered, chunked, topped and diced baby!!! LOL

  2. Two Words! YOU STINK! Okay not really! Ali loving the pictures.... you just get better and better!