Thursday, March 19, 2009

Too fast

My mouth gaped open as I stared at this baby...looks like a little boy.  I guess that's what happens right?  All the months when I wished his "stages" would be over...I was exhausted from popping out 2 kids within 14 life for 3 years looked like the following:  nursing, poo, cut up soft carrots and lunch meat really tiny, poo, burping, poo, mashing food, poo and more poo...all the women would tell me, "Enjoy it because they grow up too fast."  Uhhh...yeah.  I get it now!  Even though I was tired of the baby deals turned into toddler trials, I can truly say that I did enjoy it as best I could.  I love my little boys....I would never change a thing and these pictures just sum it up for me:  They do grow really fast.

Parker a year ago:


Parker in all his little boy glory now:


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