Saturday, March 21, 2009

The giddy mob...

We were there for one purpose...and one purpose only.  I have been calling my sister numerous times reminding her of this momentous occasion.  As I pulled into the parking lot at midnight giddy swarms of girls AND men clenched onto their new found treasure.  I briskly walked through the sliding doors not to look TOO excited...oh what the heck!!!  I basically ran in panic that there were no more left!  And there they all their awkwardness,  two "How may I help You?" blue vests crouched down trying to lift the glorious display of newly shrink-wrapped  cases.  You could already see cardboard in the back of the display from all the folks who ventured before me to take their precious copies (by mere minutes)...That's was the release of Twilight at midnight and I snatched a 2 disc special edition before my luck would set in and a huge mob take every last one before my eyes.  As  I wait in the long line, I have never felt closer to a larger group of strangers.  In everone's hands was the blue and silver title.  The anticipation of watching was in the air.  I knew that they would be up till 2am (3am if they watched all the special features) and we shared this common ground...We loved Twilight and we were die hard fans enough to stay up to get it.  

I happen to like nice vampires...Now if you would excuse me...I have a date now with some Extra Butter popcorn and Edward Cullen. :)


  1. HA! You are to funny:) Sorry for not saying Bye at the art show the other night. We left in a hurry, because my Dad needed the van.

  2. I laughed when I read this. I could totally see you loving this and being a part of the crowd! I'm glad you scored one! You deserve it for being up at that hour! When do you go on your trip?

  3. Yes!!! It was so much fun! I leave early early Wednesday morning...but I'm takin' the laptop so I can blog my little heart out...if I feel like it ;)