Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sweet Twins

So, before I get to the twins I have an announcement to make...I did it...I turned my part time job hours in.  I had given my two weeks letter to my boss on Monday and Friday was my last day to work my normal hours.  I am still going to fill in 3 and a half hours on Friday, but for the most part, I resigned.  I am so stinkin' excited!!! nervous at the same time.  I feel that this will be a good walk of faith for me.  I love what I do and I love the people I meet through my photography.  I have developed so many wonderful relationships.  It's such a blessing to be able to call this my job now :)  So if you ever think of me just pray that this thing will keep going through the winter...I know God will take care of us regardless.

The twins came on Thursday and boy was that a fun experience.  Mom and I made the conclusion that when I've got twins coming, plan on not doing anything for three hours...haha.  They were so adorable!  It took a little time to get baby boy to sleep but I enjoyed talking with mom and dad while the babies happily ate.  It was so cool that had two tiny ones together.  I loved it!!! 

Thank you Katrina for making the call and giving me the opportunity to meet your awesome are gonna just LOVE those babies when you meet them :)

I took some of baby girl while brother was eating

IMG_6409 copy_sp©

I LOVE the expressions they are making here...almost like, baby girl has a brilliant idea and brother is thinking about getting in on the idea with cute!!!!

IMG_6460 copy_sp©

Papa with baby secure

IMG_6441 copy_sp©

IMG_6488 copy_sp©

I love baby feet!!! Especially two sets

IMG_6471 copy_sp©

IMG_6499 copy_sp©


  1. Ali -
    These are great! Thank you so much! I'm so glad we found you, and you are right, I can't wait to meet them in a few weeks. I'm a very proud aunt, and these photos will be something that I will always treasure. Awesome!

  2. they are BEAUTIFUL! a true and wonderful pure gift of God. Congratulations to Mom and Dad.

  3. I've been so excited to see these babies....and they're even more gorgeous than I imagined. Perfection...I love these images. I absolutely love the photo of the one baby looking at the other...and the last one is awesome. Wait...I also love the dad and the baby. OH, I am in love with all of them...

  4. Ali - we are thrilled to have found you! Thanks to Cindy C for the referral. Hope this is the first of many sessions with you! We can't wait to see the rest of the shots.
    Andre, Steph, Steele, & Scarlet