Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bad Rain...go away!

So I had my first cancellation today :(  Because of the weather.  But we rescheduled for tomorrow.  I have my twins coming in the morning and then in the afternoon a senior.  I am so excited about these babies!!!  So many ideas have been running through my head.  Since the weather was crummy and I needed to get out, I decided to go on the hunt for my urban studio stuff. didn't know???  YES!  I am getting together a whole lot of cool stuff for a new children's photography idea I have for the winter.  Think Funky.  Think Cool Hats and Scarves.  Think Color.  Think Old Awesome Chair.  Just think of how fresh this will be for the folks of Great Falls.  I've done a bit of investigating and I don't know anyone who is doing this so far.  I am VERY excited.  But back to  my treasure hunting story.  So, I originally was going to supply the brown blazers and scarves and hats...but I started thinking...multiple blazers in lots of sizes + lots of kids = more loads of laundry for me to do AND lots of money.  Then I started imagining how horrible it would be if a kid put on one of my blazers and swelled up like a balloon because he had a reaction to my detergent (which is Gain Lavender Lilac BTW).  I can't get my own laundry done  as it is, I don't have an Epi Pen handy and I don't have a huge amount of moolah to invest at this time so I nixed the blazers and am just looking for more scarves and hats...I have a couple backdrops...I found a chair today that I'm still "thinking about."  So, I'm almost ready to guinea on my two munchkins.  

So I have a question for you?  What are you thinking of this urban studio idea?  Do you think the Great Fallsonites will accept this change in studio setting?  


  1. OKAY, I don't know about anyone else but I'm so excited to see your vision! I think I havea good idea what you're going for and if it's half as good as I imagine it in my head HOLY MOLY it's going tobe AWESOME!! I think the Fallsonites are ready and if they're not, just lead on sista, lead on!

  2. Go for it! I'm not from there, but all your other stuff is awesome, and I'm sure everyone will love the fresh hip style that you come up with. I can't wait to see it! GET THE CHAIR!!!!! :) Lora

  3. i believe in you and you can make anything happen beautifully....